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Compiz + packaging.


I noticed a while back that the packages for compiz in sid are
outdated and the packages in experimental don't even install for
various reason. While browsing the web I learned that upstream went
through some changes to say the least and moved their development to
launchpad. Coincidentally, they had just released a new version when I
checked. I'm not entirely sure if they consider a stable
release or not but they released it on 03/02 (core) and 03/03
(plugins) [1][2][3].

Like a lot of software lately that I use (wine 1.4, emerald (not sure
why it got removed), 20 or so "multiarchified" packages so I can
install wine and kill ia32-libs, etc), I decided to package it for my
personal use. While doing this I  learned how much of a pain/mess the
way upstream organize their software is. Also after trying to figure
out why they kept merging old code over new code destroying their
fixes and other issues, I decided to share the packaging that I did.
Some good must come out of this heh.

I uploaded the 6 packages to https://github.com/micove .

I did not package compiz-fusion-bcop and
compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported since they are basically dead
upstream. Also I did not package compizconfig-backend-kconfig since it
seems dead and the KDE portion of compiz apparently is not being
worked on upstream and it's broken/needs fixing from what I read. The
last one is compizconfig-backend-gconf which I never use and with the
removal of the compiz-gnome package by the NMU in sid, I mentally
moved it with the other 3 into the dead/unsupported category. They
seem to be systematically shrinking and only really working on core
[1] while the other packages are rarely updated.

There could be some issues with the packages. From the top of my head:
- I did not update the standard versions since I was not sure if DEP5
was required.
-The settings are now moved from a compiz folder to a compiz-1 folder
and I believe they don't get passed to the new version. From what I
remember, Ubuntu used to have a  patch or something to move the
settings not sure.
- I acknowledged the sid NMU while doing an NMU which is rather silly
but I left it in.
- Some minor issues like splitting the compiz-core package which is
98% data, making up a better package name for the new library or
patching some of the random lintian Info or Pedantic that I saw.
- The release closes a lot of bugs from the tracker but I did not have
time to go through the combined list of the bugs for the packages.
>From the ones I saw the RC ones are fixed.

I have been running it using the emerald wm for a day or two and after
changing a few settings via patching to workaround a few bugs (ok a
lot of segfaults and impressive complete system locks), It seems to
behave nicely if I forget about the increased cpu usage.  I only
enable the plugins I need so my experience may not be really

I tried to document everything I did in the commit messages and patch
headers and made the changelogs fairly verbose.

Hope this helps,

P.S. I'm not part of the mailing list so please CC me.

[1] https://launchpad.net/compiz-core
[2] https://launchpad.net/compiz-plugins-main
[3] https://launchpad.net/compiz-plugins-extra

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