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Bug#326200: xterm: please set eightBitInput: false by default so Alt is usable as such

On 4 December 2011 17:55, Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com> wrote:
> Reuben Thomas wrote:
>> For xterm, kterm and xvt, the simplest thing to do would seem to be to
>> add a suitable default resource to the various /etc/X11/app-defaults
>> files. (xvt doesn't install such a file, but since it respects
>> resources it presumably could.)
>> For mlterm a simple patch to reverse the default would be required.
>> How does this sound?
> Sounds sensible to me.  I think the first step is to file a bug
> against debian-policy with X-Debbugs-Cc pointing to the relevant
> maintainers, so the new Right Thing To Do™ can be documented to avoid
> future regressions.

Could you possibly file that bug? I'm abroad for a week, and don't
really have the mental space to do something delicate like that which
I've never done before. I think the advice is simple enough: add an
eightBitInput: true resource to each term's default resources file,
plus a default-negating patch to mlterm.


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