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Bug#642012: x11-common: ssh-agent Xsession script does not check if gpg-agent will enable SSH support


I don't know the policy for overriding packages, but using that patch I
fixed the problem for myself.

As gpg-agent can provide the functionality of ssh-agent, 90gpg-agent can
take over the functionality of 90x11-common_ssh-agent by unsetting

Another way of doing it is to chmod -x /usr/bin/ssh-agent, so using the
alternatives system might provide a cleaner way.


--- 90gpg-agent.dpkg-dist	2010-07-25 08:58:22.000000000 +0200
+++ 90gpg-agent	2011-10-28 21:28:21.202011454 +0200
@@ -14,6 +14,12 @@
    # Invoking gpg-agent with no arguments exits successfully if the agent
    # is already running as pointed by $GPG_AGENT_INFO
    if ! $GPGAGENT 2>/dev/null; then
-       STARTUP="$GPGAGENT --daemon --sh --write-env-file=$PID_FILE $STARTUP"
+        # Take over the ssh-agent
+        if has_option use-ssh-agent; then
+            unset OPTIONS[use-ssh-agent]
+            STARTUP="$GPGAGENT --daemon --sh --enable-ssh-support --write-env-file=$PID_FILE $STARTUP"
+        else
+            STARTUP="$GPGAGENT --daemon --sh --write-env-file=$PID_FILE $STARTUP"
+        fi

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