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Bug#568899: Black screen on VT's when Xorg starts on not boot cartd, balck screen after shutdown xorg.

On Mon, Feb  8, 2010 at 17:41:08 +0100, Marek Grzybowski wrote:

> Hello, i have this stange problem, and, i can't google solution.
> Step to reproduce in PC witch two video card in my case PCI (ATI 3D Rage) and PCI-E
> (GeForce GTS 250) :
> 1. Setup bios to use PCI card first (ATI 3D Rage in my case), and run linux
>    on it.
> 2. Setup Xorg.conf to use PCI-E card (GeForce GTS 250 in my case)
> 3. Run xorg 
> 4. Press <CTRL>+<ALT>+<F1>. Console VT1 dons show, only black screan.
> 5. Press <CTRL>+<ALT>+<F7> - you back to X
> 6. exit xorg - the screen is bank/black for all consoles VT .
> Testen on nv and nvidia(from nvida) driver for second card, so it seams to be driver independent.
> Screen stays ok on VT1 when use -sharevts flag for xorg, but when i comeback
> from X mouse and keybord dont work'ing.

sorry for the slow reply.  If this is still an issue with the latest X
and drivers, please attach the relevant X and kernel logs, as well as
any configuration files.  Thanks.


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