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Bug#623864: xserver-xorg-video-intel: Segfaults when running screensaver with composition enabled

W dniu 25.09.2011 15:40, Julien Cristau pisze:
> On Sat, Apr 23, 2011 at 22:23:59 +0200, Jarek Kamiński wrote:
>> 2.15 version of drivers segfaults upon starting GL screensaver when
>> composition is enabled in kwin. With composition disabled, everything
>> works fine. If that matters, I have plasma overlay enabled (plasmoids
>> are drawn on top of GL screensaver; with composition disabled only
>> plasmoids are shown).


>> 2.13 worked fine. 2.14 have similar issues to 2.15, but I didn't manage
>> to find time to debug this. I can generate backtrace for 2.14 if that
>> may help.

> Two questions:
> - why are you using indirect rendering?

I guess it's
kwin on my system use indirect rendering, other applications direct. I'm
not sure why i915 isn't whitelisted.

> - is this still reproducible with an updated stack, including mesa 7.11?
>   If yes please file a bug upstream according to
>   http://intellinuxgraphics.org/how_to_report_bug.html including an
>   updated gdb backtrace.

No, I cannot reproduce it now. From time to time I hit similar problem,
but it's not so annoying (doesn't occur on every screensaver run) and I
hadn't managed to take backtrace yet (stack is corrupted), so it might
be completely unrelated. I'll report it as another bug if I manage to
get more details.

I guess this bug can be closed.

pozdr(); // Jarek

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