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xorg.conf for powermac g4 with ati radeon 9000

This is to inform you of souble success.

Not only did it work to use my usb dvb-t stick for what it was
originally made, for watching tv, but it was also possible to build a
custom desktop kernel using 'make-kpkg' for my g4 mac, which runs the
testing release. It required some fussing and fumbling initially and
'kdetv' was the first application to produce a tv motion picture, but as
I do not use that desktop this was not sufficient. 'me-tv' does
that job well enough now, 'zapping' and 'xine' do not yet. To document
the whole thing I attached my Xorg-log, xorg.conf, lsusb-output for that
particular device and what 'dmesg' says. Watching tv loads the cpu to
about 50 %, so it is possible to have the machine do other minor tasks
in the background, and the overall impression is more as one would
expect from a desktop computer.

Greetings from

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