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Re: xterm: Changes to 'debian-unstable'


Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> writes:
>can you check if the change I've made makes sense?  (And if we need to
>keep the xterm-debian definition for backwards-compatibility reasons?)

Just a note from an outsider that follows debian-x every now and then:
maybe it would be useful to keep the comment that refers to Debian
Policy 9.8? The idea being that it gives a reference to a "rationale"
for the backspace behavior, so if someone has a broken backspace and
examines the termcap or terminfo entry, the comment would point them
somewhere that explains the situation (and, perhaps more importantly,
reminds the reader that this is something that needs to be kept
consistent and is thus specified in a policy, and changing it in one
place could break things somewhere else).

-=- Rjs -=- rjs@cs.hut.fi, Riku.Saikkonen@hut.fi

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