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wayland: Changes to 'refs/tags/wayland-0.1.0-0-1'

Tag 'wayland-0.1.0-0-1' created by Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> at 2011-06-18 11:42 +0000

Tagging upload of wayland 0.1.0~0-1 to experimental.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since the dawn of time:
Benjamin Franzke (26):
      scanner: include stddef.h to provide NULL and size_t
      wayland_client: rename wl_display_create to wl_display_connect
      Add wayland backend for compositor (nested)
      connection: Write before reading connection data
      Add a simple client
      compositor-wayland: Assign func pointers pre init
      compositor: Attach only valid background buffers
      clients/Makefile: Add AM_CPPFLAGS to view's CPPFLAGS
      display_iterate: Process only enabled event masks
      compositor/shm: use internalFormat=GL_BGRA_EXT in TexImage2D
      compositor-wayland: Remove unused variable
      configure: Drop gdk-pixbuf version dependency
      Fix out of source build [wayland.png]
      connection: Handle broken pipes in sendmsg
      compositor: Calculate resizing direction
      Add wayland-egl.h
      compositor-drm: Flush before pageflipping
      protocol/wayland: Drop drm interface (move into mesa)
      Extent frame event to be surface dependent
      Add buffer.damage request to the protocol
      Remove buffer.attach vfunc
      Add common shm-server code
      connection: Define _GNU_SOURCE for F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC
      Add a destroy_listener to wl_resource
      wayland-util: Drop unused struct wl_argument
      wayland-shm: Check visual for being NULL

Bryce Harrington (4):
      Cleanup declared but unused variables.
      Expose window_set_surface() in window.h
      Quell warning about potentially uninitialized variable 'surface'
      Function declares a pointer return, so return one.

Callum Lowcay (17):
      terminal: UTF-8 support
      terminal: Fancy colors
      terminal: Window size ioctls
      terminal: Escape sequence handling fixes
      terminal: Scroll margins
      terminal: Basic vt100 escape codes
      terminal: vt102 editing commands
      terminal: Implement character set switching
      terminal: Special keys
      terminal: Various fixes
      terminal: More character attributes
      Merge branch 'master' of git://anongit.freedesktop.org/wayland
      terminal: Escape sequences with string parameters
      Merge branch 'master' of git://anongit.freedesktop.org/wayland
      terminal: Fix bugs in attribute rendering
      terminal: Window operations
      Merge branch 'master' of git://anongit.freedesktop.org/wayland

Casey Dahlin (1):
      Add some things related to wayland-scanner to .gitignore

Chia-I Wu (3):
      Use glTexSubImage to update the pixels.
      Make sure there is a current context.
      Workaround an xcb-dri2 bug.

Chris Wilson (1):
      Add an image viewer client

Corentin Chary (2):
      Flush the protocol output buffer when it fills up
      Call a new global listener for each existing global

Cyril Brulebois (4):
      Add initial packaging.
      Add a gentarball target.
      Add upstream changelog.
      Upload to experimental.

Darxus (2):
      Some additional return value checking
      Add specific versions to build dependencies

Darxus@chaosreigns.com (1):
      Replace gdk_pixbuf_unref with g_object_unref

Fabian Henze (1):
      Two typo fixes in the documentation

Fred Morcos (1):
      fix missing includes in clients/window.h and clients/wayland-glib.h

Harald Fernengel (1):
      Fix usage help text in wayland-scanner

Iskren Chernev (8):
      Better cleanup on display creation failure.
      Better handling of creation errors in display.
      Added wl_connection_create failure checks.
      Server socket creation error handling.
      Fix event loop timer update.
      Stored signal_number in event_source structure.
      Close timer file descriptors in event loop on remove and failure.
      Close signal file descriptor in event loop on remove and failure.

Janusz Lewandowski (1):
      Replace cairo_drm_device_t with cairo_device_t

Javier Jardón (1):
      Update autotools configuration

Jesse Barnes (1):
      compositor: put console into KD_GRAPHICS mode at vt enter time

Joel Teichroeb (4):
      Fix potentially undefined behavior
      Made the window save the coordinates when being draged.
      Make the dnd client actually work.
      Fixed a small typo

Johan Bilien (1):
      Fixed a bogus call to cairo_destroy

Jørgen Lind (1):
      Add lockfile to the socket

Kristian Høgsberg (573):
      Initial commit.
      More NOTES.
      Bunch of new stuff: simple compositor, cairo+gem use in client, events.
      Add surface.map request.
      Make in and out circular buffers actually work.
      Split out connection io buffer logic.
      Use new connection object in client code too.
      Add an EGL compositor.  Still pretty lame.
      Handle multiple clients better.
      Recomposite screen in idle handler.
      Add notes on throttling, scheduling and atomicity.
      Run compositor fullscreen, repaint when surfaces come and go.
      Track client objects and destroy them on disconnect.
      Make test client a little more interesting.
      Use triangle strips for drawing surfaces.
      Make clients graphics use lighter random colors.
      Add note about fullscreen surfaces, misc edits.
      Update for eagle changes.
      Drop unused struct definition.
      Add crude input device support.
      Rename client, prepare Makefile for more clients.
      Add a new client that draws a pointer.
      Don't use poll timeout for timing animation.
      Unpremultiply cairo surface data.
      Move background drawing to a client.
      Always poll on display fd so we only read when there's data.
      Add a window client, first implementation of surface resizing.
      Use GL_ONE for the source in glBendFunc instead of pre-unmultiplying.
      Make window client a little more interesting.
      Use eglBindTexImage instead of copying texture data.
      Redraw window in idle handler.
      Add README for the adventurous, allow evdev override from getenv().
      Add the gears from glxgears.
      Clear depth buffer, but only depth buffer for gears.
      Add a FIXME for when we have a working fbconfig chooser.
      README: Add link to google group.
      dlopen the compositor, add a glx compositor.
      Add copy and damage surface requests.
      Add glib main loop integration, use it in flower client.
      Use glib main loop for all clients.
      Implement surface copy request, use it for egl gears.
      Use the eagle pkg-config file instead of assuming ../eagle.
      Add prototypes warnings, use -fvisibility.
      Tweak pointer image a bit.
      Make window prettier again.
      Factor out common cairo code, add blur function.
      Optimize window blur calculation.
      Add quick screenshot hack.
      Get corner radius right for inner bevel.
      A couple more theme tweaks.
      Optimize blur a bit more.
      Remove redundant glFlush().
      Optimize blur further, resize gears with window.
      Move pointer drawing into compositor.
      Load and draw background in compositor.
      Add an overlay type window in the compositor.
      Generalize the object advertising mechanism.
      Expose screenshooting as an interface, drop SIGUSR hack.
      Rename input.c to evdev.c.
      Add missing breaks in evdev switch.
      Add keyboard input, move input device creation to compositor.
      Animate overlay on/off.
      Quit screenshooter when idle.
      Allocate and set mode in egl-compositor.
      Pick a config instead of hard coding one.
      Tweak overlay animation a bit.
      Add different type of overlay animation.
      Correct pointer hotspot location.
      Add commit request + ack event to wayland core.
      Make overlay animation actually stop.
      Use struct buffer from cairo-util.c in flower.c.
      Convert touchpad absolute events to relative.
      Add .gitignore.
      Make ack event signal that the requests have been composited.
      Finally implement the commit/ack/frame protocol and improve repaint loop.
      Generalize event loop a bit and pull in the timerfd stuff.
      Add wl_client_marshal() for sending events.
      Put Wayland under the MIT license.
      Drop unused clients, pointer and window.
      Drop early, obsolete compositor.
      Update .gitignore.
      Exit if load_compositor() fails.
      Fix namespace convention for glib source.
      Add note about how clients could embed other applications.
      Use autoconf instead of $(shell ...) in the Makefile.
      Use type strings for method and event signatures.
      Make the wayland server a library used by the compositors.
      Fail if we can't create the compositor.
      Update .gitignore.
      Fix API to always include socket name length.
      Refactor window logic into reusable parts, add a new terminal application.
      Add some text contents to terminal.
      Run command in a pty and feed output to wayland terminal.
      Add keyboard input to terminal.
      Skip escape codes for now.
      Update tail pointer correctly so scrolling works.
      Add key map for ctrl modifier as well.
      Only update gears angle in frame handler.
      Destroy back buffer in acknowledge handler.
      Make sure we don't miss queue redraws between commit and ack.
      Handle \e[J and \e[H so we can clear the terminal.
      Snap terminal size to an integer number of character cells.
      Let clients override the suggested size on resize.
      Don't forget to initialize overlay position.
      Tweak terminal font color.
      Fix wl_method for screenshooter.
      Implement a bunch of escape codes.
      Handle interrupted system calls in connection code.
      Use bilinear filtering.
      Pass button clicks through to compositor.
      Drop surface iterator API, just track surfaces in the compositor.
      Feed motion events through compositor.
      Feed button events through compositor.
      Only send key events to toplevel surface.
      Install libraries plus headers and add pkg-config files.
      Drop glx-compositor for now.
      Fix signature for pointer motion event.
      Rewrite input event delivery path.
      Implement passive grabs on button clicks.
      Forgot to add egl-compositor.h.
      Pass -fPIC when compiling shared libraries.
      Use the screen size for sizing the background.
      Make sure we initialize object hash.
      Add option parsing using GOption.
      Make multi-pointer work.
      Don't close uninitialized fd, check forkpty error.
      Handle per-device keyboard focus.
      Fix default input device path.
      Initialize count to 0 in wl_list_length().
      Use gdk-pixbuf for saving the screenshot.
      Redesign the compositor / server interface.
      Fall back to solid color background if not image is found.
      Don't pin front buffer, kernel modesetting takes care of that now.
      Set terminal type to vt100.
      Add preliminary visual support.
      Remember to handle rgb_visual case in surface_attach.
      Scale background pixbuf when loading.
      Do vt ioctl on the right fd.
      Cache modesetting data and just do drmModeSetCrtc on vt enter.
      Remove visual debug prints.
      Use the new eagle config chooser for picking the config.
      Rename egl-compositor to wayland-system-compositor.
      Drop the silly overlay hack.
      Handle more control characters in terminal.
      Move coordinate transformation to pick_surface().
      Oops, fix compilation.
      Consolidate tty setup and fix a few spacing issues.
      Advertise globals using a new display event.
      Move protocol metadata to wayland-protocol.[ch].
      Represent event and method metadata with struct wl_message.
      Send client id range as an event.
      Also check for interface version wl_display_get_object_id().
      Add hook to allow globals to send cold-plug events to new clients.
      Add a fullscreen mode to the terminal.
      Add a proxy for the server side output object.
      Track objects client side using a hash too.
      Add client side demarshalling for events.
      Use a more generic glob for input devices.
      Add listener interfaces for output and input_device objects.
      Use libudev for enumerating input devices.
      Split out per-output state, use libudev for enumerating hardware.
      Add wayland udev rules file.
      Update to track udev API change in eagle.
      Randomize flower offset again.
      Initialize output position properly.
      Fix udev rules install rule.
      Switch to cairo-drm, drop struct buffer hacks.
      Drop libdrm CFLAGS where no longer necessary.
      Only tag the card0 device with seat info for now.
      Depend on udev 136 and clean up some code.
      Use glReadPixels() for the screen shooter
      Finish egl_* to wlsc_* rename.
      Add a toy-display object that caches state.
      Add a crazy rambling style TODO file.
      Switch to using a projective transformation.
      Quit compositor on eject key press.
      Fix flower client.
      Add a per-surface matrix.
      Read connection events in screenshot.c
      Add surface animation framework, implement fullscreen surface switcher.
      Fix surface coordinate transformation.
      Don't crash when there's no primary surface.
      Re-init link when removing animation.
      Don't forget to transform coordinates for the grab surface.
      Track drm modesetting api changes (grr).
      Use chooser instead of hardcoded fbconfig in gears.c.
      Move keymap to window.c
      Draw terminal cursor.
      Rename pointer_surface to sprite in wlsc_surface.
      Handle marshalling NULL objects.
      Add new surfaces to client hash table.
      Remove spurious unused local variable.
      Add keyboard and pointer focus events.
      Don't close the pty master in forkpty child.
      Paint terminal cursor hollow when focus is lost.
      terminal: trim unused headers.
      Include the currently pressed keys in keyboard focus event.
      Update modifier state on focus in and out.
      Renable blurred dropshadows and fix call to blur_surface().
      Allocate GL front buffer through eagle instead of cairo.
      Send key array when losing focus too.
      Dont crash when surfaces and clients disappear
      Trim include list.
      Create front buffer with eagle.
      Factor out session switching stuff to struct wlsc_session.
      Update to use new eagle API and drm page flipping
      Update gears example to latest eagle API changes
      Update to track the cairo_drm_device_t rename
      Terminate on Super-Backspace.
      Always repaint out of vsync callback.
      Dont use an image surface for the tmp
      Fix surface copy by using FBOs
      Tweak repaint timeout to 5ms after vblank
      Fix gears rotation for high timestamp values
      Drop sessions for now
      Export list implementation
      Implement user_data for surface
      Add a hash remove implementation
      Add function to remove surfaces from client
      Support running on a specified KMS connector
      Only raise surface on click, not release
      Select the right fb on enter_vt
      Remove surfaces when destroyed, refocus pointer
      Terminate on Ctrl-Alt-Backspace
      Tweak theme a bit
      Add a simple PDF viewer
      Make gears track focus
      Make connector option actually work
      Light up multiple outputs when possible
      Add color scheme support
      Update TODO
      Set an drop drm master on enter and leave vt
      Use new page flip API
      window: factor out surface attachment code
      Stop using surface::copy in window
      Require libdrm 2.4.17 for page flip API
      Use FBOs instead of eagle-specific API
      Add wl_list_for_each() and simplify some loops
      Import Eric Anholts hash table implementation
      Switch to using mesa EGL
      Fix a couple of typos in rotation matrix
      Move clients to subdirectory
      Rename wayland-system-compositor back to just compositor
      Make compositor compile and port it to new mesa extensions
      Update udev rules to work with new udev
      Make clients at least compile for now
      Port compositor to GLES2
      Quit if set or drop master fails
      Use eglCreateImageKHR() the right way
      Add spec document in progress
      Use correct token for drm image format
      Fix matrix setup in surface_map()
      Use cairo-gl in clients
      Consolidate more code in clients/window.c
      Fix surface picking
      Drop surface::copy
      Update todo
      configure.ac: Look for cairo-gl instead of cairo-drm
      Send device name at connect time
      Add drag and drop section to spec
      Add section about setting cursor images to spec
      Add extern "C" wrappers to public header files
      Drop stuff from notes that are in the spec now
      Add discussion/notes on object cache to spec
      Split native drm part of compositor out
      Add x11 backend for compositor
      Fix X button and keycodes
      Implement resizing from all sides
      Propagate shader compile/link errors
      Fix resizing
      Consolidate redraw scheduling in window.c
      Fix a few bugs in blur implementation
      Update decoration drawing to be less cairo path happy
      Set window user data using separate function
      Use libxkbcommon for mapping keycodes to keysyms
      Fix some warnings
      Fix indentation
      Track libxkbcommon API changes
      Update TODO list
      Hide wayland cursor when X11 compositor loses focus
      Update to use eglGetDRMDisplayMESA()
      Fix window picking order
      Drop coordinates from buttons press, add timestamp to events
      Minor spec edits
      Use EGL_KHR_surfaceless_opengl
      Print more info when demarshal fails
      Bind GLES2 API, not OpenGL
      Update keyboard focus handler signatures
      Delete a few duplicate TODO items
      x11: Dont use buffers after free()
      memset epoll event structs to quiet valgrind
      Use "" when including our own header files
      Generate makefile dependencies with gcc
      TODO: Add a few lines about removing commit request
      Generate protocol types and metadata from xml
      Introduce 'shell' object for moving and resizing surfaces in the compositor
      Implement server side move override
      Handle failure to reference a buffer name better
      Send out coordinates with pointer_focus event
      Demarshal robustness fixes
      Introduce 'buffer' object for attaching, image cahce and cursor images
      Generate client side marshal stubs from protocol spec
      Implement current drm auth scheme in the drm object
      Update TODO
      Generate the wl_*_add_listener() stubs as well
      Don't track globals in the client lib, just send out events
      Name libraries -client and -server for consistency
      Schedule repaint from surface destructor
      Drop noisy warning
      Add protocol for setting the pointer image
      Use different cursor images in the compositor
      Move cairo-util.[ch] to clients/
      Fix warnings
      Add DMZ cursor theme
      Remove duplicate #define ARRAY_LENGTH
      Fix a few bugs in compositor cursor handling
      Add client side pointer image handling
      Insert unexplainable cairo_device_flush() to fix terminal drawing
      Split GRAB_MOTION and GRAB_MOVE handling
      Always consume message, even if no proxy was found
      Add missing drm.c
      First step towards drag and drop protocol
      Add a drag and drop test client
      Actually add dnd client
      Add clean target for data/ so make clean works again
      More work on dnd
      TODO editing
      Update to EGL_MESA_drm_image from mesa master
      A few makefile/autoconf fixes
      Set pointer image only in response to 'target' event
      Use sendmsg/recvmsg for socket I/O
      Ask for glesv2, not gl for compositor in configure.ac
      connection: Factor out circular buffer functionality
      Support marshalling of file descriptors
      Update drag protocol to use fd passing for data transfer
      Marshall NULL strings without crashing
      Handle NULL mime-type in drag::accept request
      Provide visual feedback as to whether drop is supported
      Remove debug message
      Add options to specify xkb details
      flower: Clear surface
      Return a closure object from wl_connection_demarshal
      Fix const warning
      Use a transient object for the dnd session
      Get rid of wl_client_add_surface() special case
      Add convenience functions for posting display events
      Replace commit/ack/frame protocol with simpler sync and frame callbacks
      Drop  wl_display_set_compositor() special case
      Update TODO
      TODO editing
      Add protocol debugging facility
      Move marshal/demarshal buffer into struct wl_closure
      Send terminating nul character when sending strings
      Keep strings and arrays in the buffer when demarshalling
      Demarshal all arguments from protocol buffer
      Fix integer signedness and fd size confusion
      Fill out a closure when sending events as well
      Drop wl_surface_post_event() helper
      Return the closure from wl_connection_vmarshal()
      Log emitted events as well in debug mode
      Only set pointer image when it changes
      Dont post damage event from window_copy_surface
      Change debug format to not confuse object id and message parameters
      Marshall NULL strings correctly
      Remove non-gles2 glEnable(GL_TEXTURE_2D) call
      Add support for more types of input devices
      Move example compositor to subdirectory
      Move core protocol libraries into wayland/ subdirectory
      Copy over updated build instructions from the google group
      Consolidate NOTES and README
      Consolidate notes from a few files in TODO
      Add timestamp to pointer image attach request
      scanner: Use protocol name for #include guards
      Use scanner for screenshooter protocol
      Use scanner to generate screenshooter client code as well
      Add autogen.sh
      Fix screenshoot.c type in Makefile
      Fix EGLImageKHR leak in wl_buffer destroy
      Add a shm buffer sharing mechanism
      A couple more TODO items
      Use GL_BGRA_EXT for shm texture uploads
      Fix clients include path after moving files around
      Add more cursors from the DMZ theme
      Use automake
      Delete leftover makefile debugging
      Plug in no-op drm buffer attach function
      Remove leftover of fds_in_tail hack
      Fall back to cairo image backend and shm surface if we don't have cairo gl
      Add small client for testing shm surfaces
      Add a geometry option for x11 compositor
      List libtoytoolkit.la before libwayland-client.la on the link line
      Add /wayland so we pick up generated header files
      Install and dist udev rules file
      Bring gears example up to date
      Add logo svg
      Oops, no -- in xml comments allowed
      Make the server event loop embeddable
      window: Don't call drag_offer_handler if it's NULL
      Fix compositor crash when dragging to a surface that disappears
      Fix udev rules install directory
      Define MULT outside the HAVE_CAIRO_GL #ifdef
      Consolidate 'sync' and 'frame' events into just one 'key' event
      Don't hardcode offered dnd types in window.c
      Add reject round trip to dnd protocol
      Fix key handler to not run handlers from an empty list
      compositor-wayland: Use glFlush() not glFinish() after rendering frame
      compositor-wayland: Call wlsc_compositor_finish_frame from frame callback
      Add $(GCC_CFLAGS) back
      Fix warnings from adding -Wall back
      Move pointer and keyboard focus tracking into libwayland-server
      Indentation nit-picking
      Create socket in /var/run/user/${HOME}
      compositor: Shut down properly so we remove the socket
      compositor: Use a virtual destructor when shutting down
      Update TODO
      Chage the 'base' field to be the name of the super class instead
      Silence scanner makefile rule by default
      Use generated wl_interface for visuals
      Add origin information to output.geometry event
      Refactor drm buffer creation a bit
      Add a surface destroy callback and use it for focus tracking
      Move get_time() helper to core
      Use the per-surface destroy callback for grabs as well
      Use surface destroy notifier for cancelling grabs
      Move focus tracking surface destroy callbacks into core
      Pass timestamp in surface destroy callback
      Move get_time() helper back into compositor
      Start grab when button is pressed, upgrade if we start drag, move or resize
      Reduce indentation in notify_button()
      Remove unnecessary wlsc_compositor_schedule_repaint() call
      Drop dummy wl_grab_surface hack
      Add grab object infrastructure
      Move resizing to a grab object
      Handle shell.move using a grab object
      Use a grab object for drag and drop
      Make wlsc_input_device_update_grab() take a grab object
      Use grab object for motion grabs too
      Reenable fragment shader precision specifier
      Move grab state to struct wl_input_device
      Handle buttons in grab objects too
      Set up visuals in wayland-server
      Document the shell.configure event a bit
      Move code around to keep input device interface and init function close
      Add window resize sample client
      Schedule frame callback in the redraw handler
      Fix the resizor
      Update surface.attach and change surface.map to surface.map_toplevel
      Fix compositor-wayland
      Install the pkgconfig files
      Move basic grab handling to core libraries
      Move grab definitions to wayland-util.h
      Merge remote branch 'nobled/fixes2'
      Initialize surface->link so we can always wl_list_remove() it
      Pass EGL_NO_CONTEXT to eglCreateImageKHR for EGL_DRM_BUFFER_MESA target
      Ignore surface.map_toplevel() if already mapped
      Simplify visual check
      Add missing newline in gears error message
      gears: Include config.h
      Map new surfaces on top of all other surface
      Fix terminal resizing
      Split background and foreground painting into separate loops
      Add helper to set color from color table
      Make border color a color from the color table
      Only draw background if it's different from what's already there
      Factor out decoding of character attributes
      Use cairo_show_glyphs for rendering text
      Hold on to the scaled fonts we use
      Batch up drawing glyphs
      clients: Make poppler-glib optional
      Pick up input devices of type ID_INPUT_TABLET as well
      Split out evdev handling to its own file
      Some kind of support for touchscreen
      Move tty and vt handling out in its own file
      Move buffer creation and buffer details into drm.c and shm.c
      Remove unused visual argument to wlsc_surface_create()
      Make it possible to enable/disable the various compositors from configure
      Both internalFormat and format should be GL_BGRA_EXT
      Check for GL_EXT_texture_format_BGRA8888
      Check for cairo-egl instead of just cairo-gl
      Merge remote branch 'bnf/simple_client'
      Link simple-client against libGLESv2.so, not full GL
      simple-client: Create GLES2 context
      simple-client: Remove unnecessary flush
      Split shell object out from compositor.c into its own file
      First attempt at selection support
      window: Add a catch-all global handler hook
      Use the global handler in dnd instead of custom drag_offer hook
      Use different closures for sending and receiving
      Put the fd in the closure so debugging can print it
      Pass input device and time in key_handler callback
      Add proof-of-concept selection support to terminal
      Use libxkbcommon #defines for modifiers
      Render selection
      Use cairo_push_group() for double buffering in the terminal
      Use cairo_push_group() for all double buffering, drop window_copy_*()
      Actually send selected text when pasting
      terminal: Just send the pty master fd to receive the selection.
      Take away pointer focus during server grabs
      Update TODO
      Add new surface.map_transient() request to map a surface relative to another
      Add an orange pop-up menu to test the new map_transient request
      Define the shell resize enumeration in the xml spec
      Update TODO again
      Remove unused bits of cairo code
      Drive-by optimization of blur_surface()
      Enable all compositors by default
      Merge remote branch 'nobled/for-krh'
      Merge remote branch 'callum/master'
      Remove frame handler prototype
      window.c: Make title not const
      Don't compare socket(2) to NULL
      Fix new gcc 4.6 warnings
      Add gio for view fixes
      shm: Check width, height and stride for invalid values
      connection: Also consume message data in error cases
      Set WM_CLASS for X11 compositor window
      compositor-x11: Set window icon
      Test for rsvg-convert in configure.ac
      compositor: Forward pointer focus notification from compostor backend
      compositor-x11: Handle keyboard focus correctly so we avoid stuck modifiers
      compositor-wayland: Handle keyboard focus too
      Merge remote branch 'nobled/for-krh'
      Add initial basic support for fullscreen surfaces
      Don't crash when the previous keyboard surface goes away
      Update compositor initiated resize to use a 3x3 grid
      Port window.c to use wayland-egl
      gears: Remove unused drm_fd field
      simple-client: Port to wayland-egl and use eglSwapBuffers()
      compositor: Set repaint_on_timeout when we schedule a timeout repaint
      compositor: Implement super-tab window switching
      Follow wayland-egl renames
      Print object interface name when printing message arguments in debug mode
      Add struct wl_egl_display argument to wl_egl_window_create
      compositor-x11: Don't send enter/leave notify if we have an implicit grab
      wayland-egl: Define WL_EGL_PLATFORM in wayland-egl.h
      window.c: Include wayland-egl.h before EGL headers so we get the right platform
      window.c: Use eglGetProcAddress to look up extension functions
      wayland-client: Support WAYLAND_DEBUG client side as well
      Use pixman regions to reduce repainting
      compositor: Switch away from using VBOs and just stream the vertex data
      compositor: Clip repaint to the damage region
      Split into a core repository that only holds the core Wayland libraries
      Only allow one listener per proxy
      Merge branch 'setup_display' of git://anongit.freedesktop.org/~bnf/wayland
      Fix double remove from surface destroy_listener_list
      Support passing the Wayland fd in the environment
      Make wl_client_create() public
      Make all fds close-on-exec
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'bnf/surface-frame-event'
      Move proxy prototype to wayland-client.h
      Print line numbers in scanner errors
      Introduce display.bind to request events from a global
      Use wl_client_post_global() for connect events
      scanner: Don't hardcode the wl_ prefix in the code generator
      Pass version number to global bind function
      event-loop: Add an optional post-dispatch source callout
      event-loop: Dont use a check callback just dispatch again
      event-loop: Idle callback are a special case of a checked source
      Don't define wl_shell in wayland-server.h
      event-loop: Drop unused idle_list
      mmap shm buffers read/write
      connection: Handle fd passing in an CLOEXEC safe way
      scanner: Initialize wl_message structs completely
      scanner: Fail if there's a 'destroy' request not marked as a destructor
      connection.c: Use sizeof int for allocating fd extra storage
      TODO: Consolidate and update
      Unify error events
      Define shm specific errors
      server: Send error if client tries to bind to non-existant object
      Add event to associate visuals with a pixel format token
      TODO: Update
      connection: Fix pointer arithmetic error
      Remove left-over visual prototypes

Liu, Xinyun (1):
      Several typo fixes in specs/main.tex

Nikolai Kondrashov (2):
      Fix Wayland build instructions
      Clean up .gitignore files

Peter Hutterer (1):
      README: fix a few typos

Ray Strode (6):
      Fix rgb byte order for GdkPixbuf backgrounds.
      Force pointer to stay on screen.
      Add new event loop api for watching signals
      Restore framebuffer when switching back to VT
      Ignore tty input
      Only forward events to compositor if on active VT

Rico Tzschichholz (1):
      Add wayland-scanner.mk to EXTRA_DIST for make distcheck

Robert Bragg (1):
      display: Adds wl_display_flush to send buffered commands

Samuel Rødal (1):
      Fall back to accept() on systems where accept4() is not implemented.

Tiago Vignatti (3):
      compositor: add safety check when EGL fails to initialize
      terminal: fix crashing when terminal size is < 0
      configure: remove libdrm dependency for clients

Tim Wiederhake (22):
      Guard enums in generated wayland-*-protocol.h
      add clients to .gitignore
      compositor crashes if window width or height is <= 0
      remove unused function in clients/smoke.c, silence warning
      remove declaration without definition from window.h
      fix resizing at top/left border
      close terminal window on exit
      document the usage of libtoytoolkit
      remove unused variable
      free option context
      initialise display
      fix tty_destroy
      clients/view: Do not browse outside document range
      clients/view: Remove unnecessary variables
      clients/view: Add mousewheel and arrow keys
      clients/view: Allow relative paths
      clients/view: Don't try to show inexistant files
      clients/view: Fix memory leak
      Screenshots were upside down
      Don't create buffer from NULL pointer
      Add wayland.png to .gitignore
      fix typo in window.c

Yuval Fledel (7):
      xml tag should close, or some parsers fail
      add newlines for error printfs
      Make clients exit orderly when there is no connection
      Describe the protocol using inline XML comments
      Document wl_list
      Describe the wire protocol
      When no DRM present, clients (window.c actually) now either exit orderly,

jani.uusi-rantala@nokia.com (1):
      Add configure option to disable scanner compilation

nobled (8):
      Fix passing the height in resize_window
      Fix window.c build without cairo-gl
      Workaround gears depending on cairo-gl
      fix includes
      don't use deprecated INCLUDES variable
      fix configure check for gcc
      add newlines in error messages
      window: add null checks

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