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[mesa] Test report for r600g in Mesa 7.11 (devel/Git)

Dear X Strike Force,
you've reverted to the classic r600 driver with 7.10.1-1 due to #612609. Thus I
took the liberty to check whether 7.11 will have the same problem or not. So far
my testing shows no issues, especially the KDE compositing seems to work. My
latest test build is based on upstream's 3e06803c and your debian-unstable HEAD.
Some changes were needed to build 7.11 (e.g. dropping the 05- patch, as it was
merged upstream, adding flex, bison, llvm and llvm-dev to B-Ds (the latter two
only on x86{,_64} for building the r300 driver), updating the symbols/install
files, etc.), but nothing that would make the official and my build incomparable.
Some information about my test system:
Linux 2.6.39
Radeon RV710 (ChipID = 0x9553)
DRM 2.4.25-1
DDX 1:6.14.1-1+exp1
X11 2:
KMS enabled
If you need more information, let me know.

I haven't built a ia32-libs with my Mesa test build yet, so I can't say whether
Gallium would have any problems there.

If you'd like to have a debdiff and/or my test build for your own tests, let me
know and I'll provide you with a download option.

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch

P.S.: Just to make sure: this e-mail isn't about a request for switching to
Gallium on r600, it's merely a test report for you to give you some feedback and
hopefully enable you to make a decision whether using Gallium for 7.11 is safe
or not. This is also the reason, why I didn't send this as a wishlist bug to the


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