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Bug#612681: x11-common: treat empty session names silently as default session

On Wed, Feb 09, 2011 at 11:30:47PM +0100, Malte S. Stretz wrote:
> Package: x11-common
> Version: 1:7.5+6ubuntu3
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: patch
> When I upgraded to KDE 4.6.0 recently, some weird bug in kdm (I guess, haven't
> had the time to research further) started Xsession with an empty first
> argument.  This resulted in the message 'Xsession: unable to launch "" X
> session --- "" not found; falling back to default session.' My suggestion is to
> interpret an empty first argument (which will of course never work as a session
> manager) the same as no arguments and just silently fall back to the default
> session. The rationale is that the user who is confronted with such a behaviour
> can't really do anything about it.
> The original bug was reported on launchpad at
> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/710144> but I forwarded it here since this is an
> unmodified file from Debian.

For the records, I am having the same problem with slim and wdm, only in sid
(at least, until today's testing upgrade, which I still did not test)

For both, selecting an explicitly available session temporarily helps, but
I'd prefer something like in your proposed patches.



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