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Bug#601889: xserver-xorg-video-intel: i830 does not work with kms and 2.12.0+shadow-2


Alain Prignet <alain.prignet@univ-mlv.fr> (30/10/2010):
> Package: xserver-xorg-video-intel
> Version: 2:2.12.0+shadow-2
> Severity: important

please use reportbug next time, we're lacking plenty of stuff. See:

Anyway, old card, bad support from upstream, so we kind of know the
song. :(

> I have updated my laptop (a Dell X200 with i830 graphic card) today
> with the latest squeeze. So 2.9.1-4 has been replaced by
> 2:2.12.0+shadow-2, which needs KMS to work. […]

Unfortunately, that bring-back-UMS experiment didn't work out as well
as expected, so we went back to KMS only for squeeze. If that doesn't
work fine for you, you could still use fbdev or vesa, as documented in
the FAQ:


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