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Bug#588785: xterm: consider supporting freedesktop.org style clipboard behavior


good news! I was just told that if I run xclipboard I can get the
behavior I want. So:

1) xclipboard &
2) xterm -xrm 'XTerm*VT100*translations: #override\nShift Ctrl <KeyPress> v:insert-selection(CLIPBOARD)\nShift Ctrl <KeyPress> c:copy-selection(CLIPBOARD)'
3) select text using mouse
4) hit ctrl-shift-c
5) click at random location
6) hit ctrl-shift-v

works as expected:

3) clipboard is not modified
4) selected text is added to clipboard
5) text is not highlighted. contents of clipboard is preserved
6) contents of clipboard is sent as input to the terminal

Also, it seems that 

xterm -xrm 'XTerm*VT100*translations: #override\nShift Ctrl <KeyPress> v:insert-selection(CLIPBOARD)\nShift Ctrl <KeyPress> c:select-set(CLIPBOARD)'

works even with xterm 261-1 in debian squeeze.

I'll definitely continue testing this but this looks promising :-)

best regards,
Timo Lindfors

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