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                            Patch #269 - 2011/02/19

     * build-fixes for imake (report by Heiko Berges).
     * modify  autoconf  macro  CF_PKG_CONFIG  to  work with cross-compile
       environments (patch by Thierry Reding).
     * modify  MapToColorMode() to favor bold over underline, matching the
       precedence  used  before  patch  #252  (report/analysis  by Nicolas
     * add  omitTranslation  resource,  which  can be used to suppress the
       default translations for these features:
          + fullscreen
          + scroll-lock
          + shift-fonts
          + wheel-mouse
     * make the fullscreen feature configurable (Debian #612978)
          + add it to the configurable list disallowedWindowOps.
          + add command-line option -fullscreen to allow the feature to be
            enabled at startup.
          + add  resource  fullscreen  to  control  whether the feature is
            active or may be enabled.
     * modify   probe_netwm_fullscreen_capability   for  64-bit  machines.
       Contrary  to  XGetWindowProperty  manpage,  that  function  returns
       32-bit data packed as long's.
     * eliminate  copy  of name resource, which was otherwise used only to
       give  the terminal-description name for the tcap-query feature. Use
       the  actual $TERM value instead, as derived from termName resource,
     * eliminate  an  old inconsistency with error messages, some used the
       -name  option,  while  others  used argv[0]. The latter is now used
     * improve  configure  check  for  rpath-hack,  to  improve  builds on
       systems where gcc will not search /usr/local/lib, etc.
     * build-fix for Xaw3d configuration (report by H Merijn Brand).
     * update config.guess, config.sub

Thomas E. Dickey <dickey@invisible-island.net>

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