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Bug#613208: No Kbd/Mouse/Display after 6.0.0 Upgrade/Installation


I've found the reason for the crash of the X-server. The R128 xserver
depends on the firmware for the Rage128 graphics card. Lenny installed
this special firmware, Squeeze didn't do so. I don't know who is
responsible for loading the firmware, but the xserver should test
whether the graphics card meets all the requirements and should switch
back to a safe mode if something is wrong.

Manually installing  "firmware-linux-nonfree" (recovery-console w.
USB-Stick) solved the problem, Squeeze is now operational.

Looking into the packet, I suppose that there are many other cards which
may cause similar problems.

So there must be a way to a running system and to inform the user, that
he needs to install packages that are not included on the
installation-DVD or available in the currently configures sources.

I believe it's the job of the Xorg-Team to ensure a running system even
with missing firmware (fbdev, VESA), but the Installer-Team should also
find a way to enable the user to get all the required packages for his
system during the installation process.


Best regards

  Wolf-Dieter Groll

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