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Bug#604010: x11-common: xsession should use $SHELL and not sh directly

On 2011-02-17 16:39:52 +0100, Michel Briand wrote:
> I don't think $SHELL is only there to run simple commands. IIRC the
> $SHELL variable is set after the value in /etc/passwd (or whatever
> account mgt system) and represent the preferred shell and what we can
> refer as the "login shell". 
> If I setup my profile in .bash_profile, for example, I'd like to
> have it loaded during X session. If sh is used instead then all child
> processes of the session will not have profile variables set up. This
> could be very annoying.

OK. However that's still annoying that the shell can depend on the
permissions (but this isn't new with this change). A bit dangerous
IMHO, as errors can easily remain unnoticed.

I've reported bug 613844 about the Xsession(5) man page, which
should be updated to reflect this change.

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