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Bug#523636: xserver-xorg: after upgrade cannot open any window

Luca Bruno <lethalman88@gmail.com> (16/02/2011):
> 1) I don't see why I should report another bug when you'll mark it
> as duplicate

You don't know that.

> 2) I've confirmed the bug (except I didn't mark it as confirmed)

That bug was about 1.6, you're using 1.9. How do you know it's the
same bug?

> 3) I don't have logs because the first thing I've done is
> downgrading to testing xorg rather than having no desktop

Thankfully, one can attach old X logs, at the very least.

> So I don't see the reason of this mail and please calm down instead
> of writing such useless emails (apart the fact that _for you_ my bug
> comment can be useless). If it is useless for you, better silence
> instead of doing this hurting mail reply.

Pointing you to a documentation and asking for a bug per person is not
being calm and useful? You make me sad. :(


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