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Re: X11 without a connected screen


adding debian-x@ to the loop.

Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> (15/02/2011):
> > Please try to connect it.  X driver developpers are not aware that
> > it can be useful to start X without a physical screen attached.
> I've noticed this behaviour at least at one point in the past.
> I think we should follow up on this and try to raise awareness
> upstream, or at least file a bug for it in our bts.

I've just tried that with squeeze's -video-ati & -video-dummy drivers
installed, and indeed, ati tries to find a screen, fails, and bails

We've tweaked this already for intel/vesa fallback, so that not
finding a screen doesn't put an end to the whole X start-up, and so
that other drivers are considered.

I guess it might be sufficient to do the same for other drivers (at
least making sure ati and nouveau support that would make sense, I


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