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Bug#613137: xserver-xorg-video-radeon: no video signal or kbd after manually launching X

jcristau@debian.org (2011-02-13 at 1104.39 +0100):
> > back, the screen shows the bg (or maybe it was left from previous run)
> > and then monitor goes into sleep immediately, ignoring kbd as original
> > report.
> You should probably trim your xorg.conf down to just monitor sections to
> stop other stuff interfering...

Spliting it into files inside xorg.conf.d/ and playing renaming game
(easier to move "foo.conf" to "foo.conf-" to see what part is wrong) I
found the problem of the black screen, but also issues with how things
are done with outputs and config. Maybe worth new bugs?

The problem line was 'FontPath "unix/:7100"' XFS is running, but seems
that having that line in the conf makes it go nuts in unrelated ways.

The left issues are:

System sees an inexistant monitor on VGA connector. The cable is
there, but the monitor is off and not responding (otherwise it would
had seen valid vendor name, etc via DDC, right?). Even so, the system
insists in giving it some random settings and keep the output fully

Once that monitor is configured via .conf file(s) with better
Modelines than DDC ever provided, it keeps the output enabled even
when the config has 'Option "Enable" "false"'. At least xrandr keeps
the modelines right.

Set DVI-0 to be primary wihth 'Option "Primary" "true"', but that one
is ignored and VGA is still enabled. It is trully obsessed with having
that output even if not needed and told to forget about it for now. ;]
Workaround is to issue "xrandr --output VGA-0 --off" in ~/.xsession,
so apps do not get confused with false overlapping monitors (maximize,

I guess this bug can be closed. Thanks for the help.


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