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Bug#612979: x11-common: debconf doesn't generate Xwrapper.config file

Kyle Dassoff <kyle.dassoff@gmail.com> (11/02/2011):
> The Xwrapper.config file is not generated by the debconf from
> x11-common, even after manually running dpkg-reconfigure.

Two issues here:
 - first installation (say: debootstrap sid + install x11-common)
   doesn't create the file.
 - reconfiguring doesn't, for the same reason.

Unfortunately, fixing the actual bug (i.e. writing to a temporary file
only, when the config file is missing, without copying it back) fixes
both issues, but the following scenario would lead to no config file:
 - install with a version <= 1:7.6+2 → no config file
 - upgrade to >> 1:7.6+2 → config file doesn't exist. Upgrade is
   detected → no config file.

(But now, dpkg-reconfigure x11-common would do the job.)

I'm wondering whether we shouldn't be considering creating/updating the
file in all cases. The downside being users couldn't then get rid of
that file entirely if they wish to do so.

Or should we consider adding a test, checking whether we're upgrading
from a version of 1:7.6+2 or below, and considering file creation in
that case?

Julien, thoughts?


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