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mesa-dpm: Changes to 'refs/tags/upstream-unstable'

Tag 'upstream-unstable' created by Ian Romanick <ian.d.romanick@intel.com> at 2010-10-05 01:58 +0000

Mesa 7.9 release
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since the dawn of time:
Aapo Tahkola (216):
      Add radeon 9550 pci id.
      Mipmapping and other texture filters now work.
      Added fixes for filter modes and support for anisotropy filters.
      Looks like masking masking t->filter isnt needed anymore.
      I was wrong...
      This fixes it but why mipmaps still work?
      border_color causes lockups with vertex buffers. Disabling for now.
      Fixes for clamp modes.
      Add vector distance operator for vertex programs.
      Add basic sceleton for vertex programs + some other fixes
      Forgot one comment...
      Fix wrong comment.
      Cleaning up.
      Beginings of program generation. This code havent been tested nor hooked up.
      Fix for compiler warnings.
      Vertex programs work now with some restrictions. I expect arbvptorus to work
      Implemented bunch of ops.
      Implement appropriate src checks for attribs/params.
      Add a missing break and a reminder.
      Changed parts of r300_setup_routing to use WARN_ONCE.
      Changing vb code to handle inputs correctly.
      Removing some trash and disabling fog fallback as it seem its causing more harm than good. Tuxracer should now work at least with vbs. Fix for vb colorbuffer clear bug is underway...
      To cut the long and boring story short, polygon offsets should now work. vb mode colorbuffer clears are still mysticly broken by offsets... Maybe we need to merge zbs and unk42B4 together?
      Implemented checks that prevent r300 from locking up when bad number of verts are given. Also tweaked WARN_ONCE a bit to handle va-args.
      fog + immediate mode = bad things
      Better fix to get tuxracer working.
      BIG FAT NOTE: Theres a nasty bug somewhere thats causing vb color buffer clears and other things not to work. This bug can be triggered by extending struct r300_hw_state by two struct r300_state_atom's from its current size. Everything zbs and unk42B4 related is now covered with HAVE_ZBS and GA ifdefs. Who wants to fix it? Not i. :)
      Fix the bug and get zbias back into shape. There might still be some problems with initial zbias...
      Enabled user-defined point size, enabled zbiases for rest of the primitives and fixed bad vertex number checks triggered by nurb.
      Adding support for selecting line width. Stipple patterns still cause lots of trouble.
      Turns out unknown5 was border color. texwrap looks good now.
      Support for PolygonMode. Not too far from working even though i almost gave up once already.
      Removing some regs that are wrong and adding some comments to r300_reg.h .
      Updating master copy of r300_reg.h and turning immediate mode back on
      Added kindly note about single buffer mode.
      Support for blend color(not tested), "proper line width/point size" clamps and fix for glxinfo problem.
      Support for idx buffers. Leaving it on by default as it doesnt seem to cause any lock ups nor other issues. Tests with one object using elts should pass. Introducing more than one object will cause indices to mix up as far as i can see. DRM update is needed for this code to work\!
      magic_1 handling...
      Switching to start_index32_packet.
      We dont need to call r300EmitAOS if we arent going to draw anything(r300_get_num_verts returns 0).
      Fix for buffer overrun caused by ALLOC_STATE not having args surrounded by parenthesis. Can you see it? HINT: Anything texture related should now work slightly better. And yes it took me several hours to find it.
      Disabling some fallbacks as they cause misc programs not to start and adding some comments.
      Minor fix to border and blend color.
      Adding support for front buffer mode, removing some code we dont really need and some new debugging stuff.
      New elt buffer code should be fairly stable.
      Another nasty struct size bug found.
      fix for 'nasty bug' and some sanity checks to avoid buffer overruns. Bumping VSF_MAX_FRAGMENT_LENGTH as it seems a bit low otherwise.
      Improving Vladimirs alpha test fix a bit as it turns out r300Enable didnt correctly disable alpha test. Vertex programs with high vertex count now run a lot faster as software fallback is no longer on. Also disabling 'temp to result'-instructions as they probably violate the spec and dont seem to be something thats needed.
      Replacing some RADEON cmd types with r300 counterparts.
      Unlike radeon and r200 drivers r300AllocCmdBuf allocs dwords not bytes.
      Replacing alpha test bits with values that give desired results as compaired to software rendering. Alpha test in textures is still completely broken as can be seen in progs/demos/fire and various games.
      Fix to get glxgears display anything.
      Proper VAP output configuration as R300_RS_ROUTE_0_COLOR became optional and broke arbvptorus(takes no input color but produces output color). Also removing some useless code.
      Simple TCL stage and ability to disable vps.
      Fix to get doom3 started.
      Misc fixes.
      Fixing and enabling elt buffers by default.
      Fixes for bugs that were nailed down when compairing against software vertex shading.
      Reorganized shader stuff.
      Had some odd problems with add and temps so doing it with mad. Adding some MAD_2 cases.
      Adding some comments.
      Modifying to build against current Mesa. Disabled r200*.c files since they didnt want to build anymore.
      Fix as suggested by Ben Skeggs.
      r300 side support for fixed function pipeline. This isnt functional with current Mesa.
      Add support to external tnl switcher and disable hw tnl by default.
      Pack tex coord regs at vertex program backend.
      Flat shading and bunch of clarifications to r300_reg.h .
      Getting rusty... 4278 was already there.
      Missing setups that cause all kinds of problems with hw tnl.
      Dont assume GLbooleans are ones when true.
      Make gleans polyoffset test happy.
      Polygon mode fixes.
      Stick texture LOD back on.
      Ditch unused code and features that arent in subject to get supported any near time.
      More optimal r300Clear.
      Programmable per-vertex point sizes and proper result reg assigns.
      Causes lockups on some rare cases.
      lost_context never gets reset.
      Turn off VBO's.
      Fix problems with elts when immediate mode is on.
      Support 16-bit modes.
      Use depth tiling.
      Fix gloss breakage when using hw tnl.
      r300 driver side of color tiling support.
      -"fix" page flipping
      Fix invalid vsf temp count for rv350.
      Sync with my local tree.
      Remove few outdated r200 files.
      Reduce stderr noise and fix some compiler warnings.
      Cover my arse.
      Compiled arrays for vtxfmt_a path.
      Fix texture mixup when two or more contexts.
      Silence gcc-4 warnings.
      Improve tnl program searching performance.
      Need more than 200 instructions.
      Fix segmentation fault in _tnl_ProgramCacheDestroy().
      -Fix first frame -bug
      Re-enable fallbacks.
      Fix broken tnl stage.
      Remove some ghost code and adjust things a bit.
      Use ctx->VertexProgram._Current .
      Fix broken build.
      Reduce stderr noise.
      Fix typo causing secondary color not to work properly.
      Try to detect when native support to given texture width is not available.
      Couple changes that were missed.
      Fix AL8
      Fix secondary color for VP's
      Make missing interpolator inputs fatal
      Add some missing hooks. This should fix various little problems with window movement and 2d windows flashing on top of 3d windows. This problem was previously shadowed by r300ResetHwState as it gets called frequently.
      Fix (likely) typo.
      Enable CB_DPATH by default.
      I think this has been tested well enough already.
      Warn only when being enabled.
      No you arent.
      Drop output checking.
      Handle fatal case.
      Fix node setup(from Ben Skeggs)
      Fix cube maps.
      Fix pow <small> and a very stypid bug with dummy srcs(0 equals to tmp0.x)</small>. demos/cubemap looks perfect now.
      Missing patch from Ben Skeggs:
      Fix invalid tex coord routing and couple other small things.
      namespace pollution fixes (Tilman Sauerbeck)
      Fix ARB_position_invariant handling
      Missing bits of code spotted by Tilman Sauerbeck
      Fix ARGB1555 component swizzling.
      Sync from drm.
      Try to tackle bug #5148
      Doesnt apply anymore
      fix broken get_half & get_zero
      Fix a problem where offsets from disabled tmus reach drm
      remove some testing code
      r300UpdateTextureEnv shouldnt be called.
      Work around problems with t_vp_build.c
      drop all that (slow) locking stuff and make u_list per context.
      radeon driver doesnt have this so i assume we shouldnt either.
      per vp sw fallbacks
      enable hw vertex programs by default
      missing link in the fallback chain
      remove broken non arb fp path
      Workaround problems with NWN. (Tilman Sauerbeck)
      Skip ARL while we dont implement it. Fix broken nv vps but do it with software for now.
      Fix aliasing bug (Benjamin Herrenschmidt)
      No need to call *_FIREVERTICES twice.
      Dont let (possibly) undefined z component reach hw as its unused
      Free temps when possible
      Port r200 tex tiling code to run on r300 but keep it disabled.
      Various fallbacks, checks and tags.
      Convert to work with current DRM. + tag
      Enable HW VBOs and other things needed by it.
      Fix broken DrawElements & DrawRangeElements.
      Use the force Luke, use the force.
      Kick VBOs out of GART if nothing else helps.
      Option to init vp temps(for testing)
      Fix broken max mipmap leveling that was horribly wrong.
      Clean build.
      -fix texrect fallback when using vtxfmt_a (glitz, xgl, etc.)
      Disable tnl programs when doing software vertex programs. compiz with its texrect and lighting needs was broken because of this.
      Fix texrect upload conflicts.
      ARL dst idx was undefined.
      implement arl and enable hw nv_vp.
      secondary color fixes.
      Make ARB_vp backends happy with nv arl
      fix #6072 (Keith Whitwell)
      More meaningful warning.
      disable r300 chips. R300_FORCE_R300 to force
      Dont rely on writebacks
      warn about broken dxt 3/5
      make u_list adjustable
      free rs300 and ban r350(according to r300.sf.net)
      Enough testing already
      fix some conflict happenings at context destroy by freeing buffers immediately. array locking can be done with vbos for vtxfmt_a so we dont really need to try to reuse them.
      Fog support (Ewald Snel)
      rectangular fp16 fixes (Ewald Snel)
      get fog going(for real)
      GLboolean cannot hold GLuint! usage of tmus >= 4 no longer lock r300.
      limit max program/param length to 255 (spotted by sroland)
      need to hold before freeing
      disable hw locking when entering span rendering for now
      enable feedback rendering
      R300_SPAN_DISABLE_LOCKING env var
      fix warnings.
      Dont allow 16 tex units to be used at all.
      various fixes (Roland Scheidegger)
      make sure tex format is supported.
      prevent run_arb_vertex_program from running tnl programs unless ctx->_MaintainTnlProgram is set
      prevent possible program mix up with sw vps (Roland Scheidegger)
      fix broken address register reads
      fix broken negate
      Fix generic vertex attribs (Rune Petersen)
      Fix stencil clears that have caused problems with redbook/stencil, tests/stencilwrap and ut2k4 adrenaline pills.
      R300_RR_ROUTE_1 still needs to be initialized.
      Fix #7195
      fix #6991
      support shorts as vertex data
      gcc-4.1.1 compile fix
      fix broken write-only depth setting. use early z where possible.
      extend some DrawRangeElements cases to support rendering more than 65535 verts in one blast. ut2k4 cases in other words ...
      remove duplicate pieces of code.
      fix #8008
      close #6318
      Fix invalid enums passed to MapBuffer
      Fix invalid enums passed to MapBuffer
      typo fix. this case still fails.
      support as much of GL_EXT_stencil_two_side as we can. untested.
      Fix #10071 - wrong max_index in vbo draw_prims. (Papadakos Panagiotis)
      Guess another unknown register in R300 command buffer initialization. (Oliver McFadden)
      don't use hw to perform vertex transform etc. when using swtcl. This for compatibility with vertex programs and the fact that swtcl very rarely gets hit with tcl capable hw.
      r300: fix primary color on rs480
      r300: fix broken vbos
      rs480: fix textures and secondary color(?). clipping is still busted. tested on r480
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://aapot@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      rs480: fix secondary color for real this time

Aaron Plattner (3):
      glxgears: Support GLX_EXT_swap_control for querying the current swap interval.
      progs/demos: Fix the progs/demos/rain help text
      Fix __glXInitializeVisualConfigFromTags's handling of unrecognized fbconfig tags.

Adam Jackson (102):
      Skeletal fallback-only DRI driver.  Initial checkin, not quite working yet.
      Fix type conflict.
      use new interface for tdfx (phase 2)
      silence a warning
      _really_ fix parameters to StoreImage calls.
      Bug #1588: abort if no palette format matches. (Egbert Eich, Stefan Dirsch)
      Bug #1682: Mesa core code that gets linked into DRI drivers should never call
      Import sarea.h from Xorg, needed for client GLX code.
      Import the GLX client side library, formerly from xc/lib/GL/glx.  Build it
      Bug #1679: Link DRI drivers against DRI_LIB_DEPS, not GL_LIB_DEPS.
      Add DRI_LIB_DEPS for the DRI drivers to link against.  Remove expat from the
      Add glx/x11 to the DRI configs, and change the Solo configs to build glx/mini.
      remove a -Werror from testing.
      Bug #1713: Some rare libGL's have __glXFindDRIScreen defined but do not
      libGL needs libXxf86vm.a.
      static char * -> static char []
      constify a few arrays.
      make render_quads_verts call EMIT_PRIM with the arguments in the right order,
      brown paper bag, r100 can't do hardware quads.
      Sync with Xorg head: mingw build fixes from Alexander Gottwald.
      Fix up glx/x11 to work when built with -fvisibility=hidden.
      fxt1_decode_1() needs to be non-static for the tdfx and glide drivers.
      Mark the XF86DRI client-side extension API as PUBLIC.
      _glapi_* is effectively PUBLIC API for the DRI drivers.
      Mark __driCreateNewScreen PUBLIC
      Also PUBLICize the config option table
      Import s3virge and trident drivers.  Not functional yet; no Makefile, no DRI-aware DDX.
      Get trident building and -Werror clean.
      Get s3v building with a minimum of warnings.
      Build s3v and trident by default too.
      Bug #1859: Initialize 'size' before first use in intelTryReadPixels()
      Unused variable cleanup.
      Fix read-from-uninitialized in s3vMakeCurrent()
      linux-dri-x86 build fix from Andreas Stenglein.
      Parallel build fix.  Multiword variables on the target side of a : get
      Enable libGL to be built with DRI_NEW_INTERFACE_ONLY (but don't do it yet).
      silence makedepend warnings about non-portable whitespace
      HAVE_ALIAS was never defined anywhere, add some logic to turn it on
      Bug #2428: #ifdef GLX_DIRECT_RENDERING in DRI drivers is pointless.
      Bug #2477: Make GLU/GLw/glut build properly even with -fvisibility=hidden.
      Add preliminary EGL headers.
      Disable _mesa_3dlabs_create_{program,shader}_object references.
      Bug #2945: Fix math error that left half the hash buckets empty.
      Add drirenderbuffer.c to COMMON_SOURCES
      Refactor COMMON_SOURCES up to Makefile.template
      int -> size_t to fix compile on LP64.
      Use the 1.3 names for FogCoord*
      strip out vestigial #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H stanzas, they're confusing the
      XMesaResizeBuffers needs separate paths for client and server builds
      Add two aliases for some PointParameters entrypoints for libglx compatibility.
      Convert libGL and DRI drivers to require libdrm.
      Bug #1155: Define IEEE_ONE on Super-H as well.
      Add RV350 AQ chip.  (popolon at popolon dot org)
      Fix the default target to remake readtex.o if needed
      Start a software-only DRI driver for use in the new accelerated indirect
      Nuke the old attempt at software DRI, it's broken and awful
      Search for makedepend in the PATH rather than hardcoding /usr/X11R6/bin
      Avoid a crash when the user has enabled glVertex{,Attrib}Pointer but hasn't
      Style fix, drop the explicit -ldrm from the link line.
      Update the install docs to make explicit note of libdrm version dependency.
      Revert my change from 1.37 as being bogus (see ensuing list discussion for
      Clarify which version of Mesa we're talking about
      Coverity #650: Fix a memory leak when near OOM.
      Coverity #567: Fix a memory leak on a failure path.
      Coverity #476: Avoid walking off the end of ->vtx.attrsz, it's declared to
      Coverity #468: Fill in the rest of the error_list to match the error codes
      Coverity #459: Silly off-by-one error.
      Bug #5754: Allocate texture memory correctly.  (Richard Drummond)
      Fix license header to SGI FreeB.  (Eric Kunze, SGI)
      Coverity #1083: Fix a use after free case.
      Coverity #943: Avoid a NULL chase.
      Fix format strings for LP64
      Ensure all GART allocations are freed on context destruction, rather than
      Update function signatures for EXT_tfp entrypoints.
      linux-indirect target fixes.
      mkdir -> mkdir -p, since /usr/include might not exist in the installroot yet
      Fix some && (logical) that should clearly have been & (bitwise).
      Fix parallel make in r300 driver.
      Make sure GLX entrypoints are marked PUBLIC.
      Unbreak Linux builds with -fvisibility=hidden.
      __driConfigOptions must be PUBLIC.
      glxinfo: Fix multisample visual reporting.
      Trivial SELinux awareness.  Enable with --enable-selinux.
      Add E7221 variant to i915.
      Add IS_915(), simplify IS_9XX() a bit.
      Fix build on ia64.
      Fix sis_dri on ia64.
      Fix parallel build by making symlinks before makedepend.
      chmod a-x **/glslnoise.c
      Install dri_interface.h in 'make install'.
      Fix path to minstall in last commit.
      Install dri_sarea.h in 'make install'
      Drop unused 'entries' field from __glxHashTable.
      Update to SGI FreeB 2.0.
      intel: Avoid mapping the texture image for CopyTex{,Sub}Image
      glx: Make glXGetScreenDriver() work for DRI2
      selinux: Fix mmap() return value check
      Finish removing glcore
      x86-64: Make assembly routines .hidden like on x86
      i965: Update renderer strings for sandybridge

Aidan Thornton (1):
      Initialize psp->waitX/waitGL for swrast_dri.so.

Alan Coopersmith (25):
      Fix builds with compilers other than gcc 3.0 & newer
      Make minstall work with Solaris /bin/sh
      Solaris port of Mesa 7.1 with autoconf support
      Add Solaris to OS'es using PROT_EXEC mmap() to get executable heap space
      r300_cmdbuf.c: convert cast to a form supported by Sun cc
      mklib improvements for Solaris
      Convert u_int*_t to C99 standard uint*_t
      Add #ifdefs needed to compile Gallium on Solaris with gcc or Sun cc
      define __builtin_expect for non-gcc compilers in two more glx files
      Add Solaris to OS'es using X in eglplatform.h
      egl/main/Makefile: Add dependency of install target on default build target
      radeon_compiler: include main/compiler.h for compiler portability macros
      Check if gcc supports -fvisibility=hidden before adding to CFLAGS
      Sun compilers now support some gcc __attribute__ values
      Remove hardcoded -Wall from Radeon DRI makefiles
      mklib: Fix static library generation/installation on Solaris
      Copy __FUNCTION__ portability #defines from mesa/compiler.h to eglcompiler.h
      gallium/i965: Make brw_batchbuffer prototypes match in source & header
      Fix typo in configure message for gcc -fvisibility=hidden
      mesa: Add "shader/" path to #include statements in shader parser/lexer sources
      eglplatform.h: recognize __unix as well for Solaris & other SVR4 platforms
      Gallium: Add Solaris atomic function definitions to u_atomic.h
      glx/single2.c: Don't call __builtin_expect on non-gnu compilers
      mklib: Fix amd64 builds on Solaris when using Sun compilers
      fpclassify is available on C99-compliant Solaris releases too

Alan Hourihane (337):
      fix cast
      fix glxinfo to query current display.
      add FINISH function at end of each render_* function
      Add quad and quad_strip
      fix use of projected vertices with notex vertices when DO_PTEX isn't set.
      remove a HAVE_ELTS that I'd stuck before.
      Don't reset _tnl_CurrentInput when in DestroyContext.
      Correct check for noop array state change (Raystonn)
      Test for NULL pointer for LoadMatrix(), MultMatrix() and
      glutSwapBuffers implicitly does a glFinish when swapping back to the front
      remove test code
      Check that ActiveTextureARB doesn't overflow MaxTextureUnits
      fix for framebuffer width and height when window hasn't been realized.
      fix fragment_program for Windows
      cast GLfloat
      mkdir the server directory, as using cvs with -P would prune an empty
      add the i810 driver - no kernel driver yet
      add the i830 driver - no kernel driver yet
      fix cut & paste errors
      add the SiS driver - no kernel driver yet
      add gamma driver - no kernel driver yet
      char -> GLubyte
      prevent from optimizing out by some compilers (from XFree86 CVS)
      bring over glcore.h changes from DRI trunk
      add tdfx DRI driver
      build fixes
      add SPARC ffb DRI driver
      build fixes
      build fix
      build fixes
      remove duplicate declaration
      check if GLAPIENTRYP is already set
      build fixes
      build fixes
      build fixes
      build fix
      merge latest DRI sis driver changes from the DRI trunk
      use _swrast_CopyPixels for XFree86
      disable some DEBUG
      bring in common from DRI trunk
      bring over latest mga DRI driver from DRI trunk
      remove duplicate declarations
      fix compiler warning
      merge i810 DRI driver from DRI trunk
      merge r128 DRI driver from DRI trunk
      xmlconfig fixes for the new options
      xmlconfig fixes
      fix some _SOLO build problems
      fix _SOLO build problem
      fix a _SOLO build problem
      fix _SOLO build problem
      merge i830 DRI driver from DRI trunk
      sync some more of the r200 driver from the DRI trunk
      merge some more of the radeon DRI driver from the DRI trunk
      add SETPARAM ioctl
      reverse Keith's 'XFree86Server' glue.
      kill a warning
      build in SOLO environment
      some changes for SOLO build
      turn on tdfx in SOLO build
      fix bogus assertion that checked for an empty texture heap list before
      fix typo
      fix from DRI trunk
      fix for C++
      fix printf warnings
      remove non-portable whitespace
      build fixes
      make note about needing to fix the drm driver to enable SAVAGE_CMD_DMA
      build fix for VMS
      fix the usage of GLX_MESA_allocate_memory
      disable under _SOLO build
      add SciTech's GLDirect driver for Windows.
      bring over build fixes from stable branch
      remove DitherValues
      If we can't allocate the rowimage - bail
      re-enable rect texture
      fix for older gcc's (from freedesktop bug id #419)
      Fix some warnings
      reverse some debug that slipped through
      silence warnings
      silence warning
      Check for some header defines before redefining functions. Silences warnings.
      silence warnings
      Use union type to avoid strict aliasing problems.
      uint*t -> u_int*t changes
      fix warning
      uint*t -> u_int*t
      Bring VIA driver up-to-date with regard to drm_*_t changes and remove
      fix build problem
      Only try to free the front buffer when it's a pbuffer.
      support 720x480 and 960x540 modes
      Add Intel i915GM support, and these extensions.
      Fallback on PolygonStipple for CLE266 hardware.
      Fix usage of texture units, when TEX1 is enabled, but not TEX0.
      fallback on polygon.stippleflag (thanks Keith)
      Fix ColorMask
      Fix the calculation of the alpha reference value which negates the
      fix a typo
      Fix multitexturing.
      build fixes and enable agp dma
      Fixes lockups initializing AGP DMA.
      Check for deletion of currently bound context
      Use the faster span read/write template for 16bpp
      As we fallback for polygon stipple on the CLE266 for now, ensure we
      Fix glean scissor test
      revert some makecurrent code
      remove some dead texture code
      16bpp doesn't support masked clears, so fallback when they're enabled.
      Get PolygonStipple working.. (or seemingly too). It seems to do the right
      silence a warning
      Enable line stippling.
      Fix tristrips (which fixes coloredTexPerf2 & coloredLitPerf2 glean tests)
      remove some debug
      Enclose passed macro values in brackets to ensure correct read/write span
      silence the 'using AGP/PCI' string unless VIA_DEBUG is used.
      use COPY_CLEAN_4V macro to replace using both ASSIGN_4V & COPY_SZ_4V
      Remove MAX_VISUAL limitations of 100. If running dual head this can
      Add Intel(R) 945G support (Keith Whitwell, Tungsten Graphics)
      pass in the renderbuffer
      Fix the FFB driver for the renderbuffer changes
      re-enable the ffb driver
      Bump the required ddx to 1.4.0 as drmAddress has been removed so that 32/64bit
      support GLX_DIRECT_COLOR in 1.4.0
      remove the drmAddress
      Add a check which compares the passed in size of the DDX driver private DRI
      Add Egberts fixes for 64bit architectures
      Commit missing piece from Egbert's 32/64 bit patches
      Fix Windows build problems.
      update for mingw
      Fix the scripts for the cygwin & mingw changes
      remove drmAddress
      Fixes from https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=3077
      define Bool for solo builds
      move via_dri.h to server
      drmUnmap correct size
      reverse a bogus patch
      Add Intel 945GM support
      use screen->front.map instead of pFB from libdri
      use front.size instead of sPriv->fbSize
      remove very old i830 code
      pull in fix from 6.4 branch for XFree86Server definition
      remove i830
      Check DDX for 1.5.0
      We always have a back buffer. Fixes visual problems.
      Fix some warnings on x86_64
      fire vertices before context destruction.
      If DrawBuffer isn't set, return immediately
      Check for a valid context
      Fix some breakage after the PROGRAM_UNDEFINED change
      Fixup more PROGRAM_UNDEFINED problems.
      Fix writemasks on texture arb fp instructions.
      Fix bug 8010 - locking issues.
      merge current trunk into vbo branch
      Don't define as const's to avoid compiler optimization & warning.
      use passed target parameter
      Ensure we have a valid ReadBuffer for CopyTexSubImage, and
      Add missing OSMesaColorClamp function
      Only set R_MODE with NV_point_sprite
      remove duplicate init func
      Use drm_i915_sarea instead of drmI830Sarea and remove i830_common.h
      remove redundant init
      set outputs_safe to 0 as it's possible for the code generation
      set outputs_safe to 0 as it's possible for the code generation
      small cleanups
      correct the return value
      Fix error string
      revert part of the previous cleanup - it only applies
      include <X11/Xlib.h>
      silence warning
      build fix for xorg driver
      Fix build problem with MSVC
      Some changed for non-C99 compilers
      inline -> INLINE
      revert mode change back to 644
      snprintf -> util_snprintf
      declare atoms as extern
      fix _mesa_ffs for alternative compilers
      Build with -O2
      Set the attribute as used.
      Silence warning
      Check for NULL pointer
      Bring in DRI2 changes
      small optimization
      Hook gallium i915 up to DRI2
      add missed files for DRI2 merge
      fix legacy DRI
      fix card_extensions
      revert the DRI2 commits
      Check in SwapBuffers for any new pending dri2 events
      glcontextmodes.c is required remove the reference in .gitignore
      check for winsys->destroy before calling
      choose sane default for dri driver location
      choose a 1024x768 resolution
      rather than use CRTC 1 (aka LVDS), try and setup all connectors/encoders
      consolidate intel directories.
      if we can't find a mode, return first. At least we should
      pick first mode
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa into gallium-0.2
      tree builds
      add gallium dir
      re-add MSAA support
      fix for MSAA
      bug fix to MSAA visuals
      mesa: add missing FEATURE_attrib_stack around
      add cso_hash_contains() function
      link EGL demos with -lGL
      egl: Add new EGL driver that wraps GLX.
      egl: fudge with LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH to pick up EGL specific DRI driver.
      egl: switch to egl_glx.so as the default EGL driver for X.
      egl: cleanup doublebuffer check
      st: change from ** to * for st_unreference_framebuffer()
      st: export st_get_framebuffer_dimensions() to retrieve
      st: add prototype for st_get_framebuffer_dimensions()
      gallium: silence warning
      mesa: when emitting an address load instruction, for
      dri: don't check the number of cliprects before swap, let
      build "GLX" egl driver by default and egl demos
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      disable OPENGL_BIT
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      gallium: no renderbuffer, so just exit.
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      mesa: fix generation of fixed function state when no vp exists
      mesa: fix generation of fixed function state when no vp exists
      build default set of progs + egl
      mesa: fix build
      add SRGB formats
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      Merge commit 'origin/gallium-0.1' into gallium-0.2
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      Merge commit 'origin/gallium-0.1' into gallium-0.2
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      fix conflict breakage
      Merge commit 'origin/gallium-0.1' into gallium-0.2
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      gallium: temporary check for > 65535 vertices
      gallium: more vertex count checks
      gallium: change 65535 to UNDEFINED_VERTEX_ID
      gallium: catch vertex overflow higher up
      mesa: when we have interleaved arrays, check bounds for both
      mesa: move declaration
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      Merge commit 'origin/gallium-0.1' into gallium-0.2
      gallium: fix some asserts
      gallium: set ST_NEW_FRAMEBUFFER when setting new surfaces
      egl: support GLXFBConfigs, pbuffers and pixmaps.
      egl: fix startup query version
      egl: fix egl closure
      st: build fix
      glsl: support sampler arrays.
      glsl: fix a comment typo
      glsl: support sampler arrays.
      glsl: fix a comment typo
      egl: fix makecurrent with null drawable/context
      glsl: fix regression from sampler arrays commit
      glsl: fix regression from sampler arrays commit
      mesa: handle some cases of 0x0 render targets
      mesa: add new samplers_array test
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      mesa: check frambuffer complete status before rendering
      mesa: revert partial commit for 0x0 render targets
      mesa: small cleanup
      mesa: check frambuffer complete status before rendering
      mesa: tweak to formatting
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      dri: add fake front definitions
      dri: add fake front definitions
      Merge commit 'origin/master' into gallium-0.2
      gallium: change the st_get_framebuffer_surface/texture functions
      mesa: fix offset problem with interleaved arrays
      gallium: fix glean's vertProg1
      mesa: remove old comment as it's fixed elsewhere now.
      dri2: support glXWaitX & glXWaitGL by using fake front buffer.
      demos: fix glxpixmap and call glXWaitGL before calling XCopyArea.
      egl: error checking
      egl: if a surface type isn't defined let's default to EGL_WINDOW_BIT
      egl: glx updates for FBconfigs
      glx: add support for a reallyFlush() function before swap occurs.
      gallium: add winsys interface for viewport changes to support DRI2
      mesa: only call update_buffer when it's available
      xdemos: On termination with `esc` close the contexts correctly.
      slang: if we detect an if/break or if/continue within a loop and we're
      Revert "slang: if we detect an if/break or if/continue within a loop and we're"
      slang: redo the last commit for if/break & if/continue tests as it
      slang: if/else/break & if/else/continue work for unrolled loops
      mesa: check renderbuffer is defined before use.
      egl: try harder for eglGetProcAddress()
      egl: fix comment
      slang: support uniform arrays
      slang: initialize the context
      mesa: bump MAX_PROGRAM_TEMPS to 256 (there's some big shaders out there)
      slang: ensure structure elements have their array length set
      mesa: ensure pbo stencil buffers are mapped before use
      gallium: when using gl_PointCoord ensure we use the correct attribute.
      demos: ensure display lists are destroyed for next generation
      Ensure GL_EXT_blend_equation_separate is enabled when 2.0 is enabled.
      Ensure GL_EXT_blend_equation_separate is enabled when 2.0 is enabled.
      Fix YTILE spantmp functions
      Fix YTILE spantmp functions
      Fix memory leak.
      Fix vega compilation.
      Fix memory leak.
      Fix vega compilation.
      Fix indentation.
      Fix comment to use /* */ rather than //
      move assert to avoid crash in debug build.
      Fix test
      silence compiler warning
      fix overflow
      Remove obsolete file
      only use -Werror flags with gcc 4.2.x and 4.3.x.
      Allow the environment to override certain flags.
      fix typo
      add missing SCons.Util
      Check for __USE_MISC for defining uint & ushort
      support an 'embedded' platform target which turns off most parts of the
      Duplicate CCVERSION check code to compensate for different env CC.
      add PIPE_SUBSYSTEM_EMBEDDED when embedded platform used
      Don't define HAVE_POSIX_MEMALIGN for embedded target.
      define own embedded target and cleanup previous commit.
      another gcc 4.2.x check for mstackrealign
      Add format B5G5R5X1
      gallium: disable tests when using embedded build
      llvmpipe: disable half float formats
      llvmpipe: silence warning
      llvmpipe: update for half float formats
      gallivm: BGNFOR/ENDFOR fallthrough to BGNLOOP/ENDLOOP
      mesa: silence compiler warning
      draw: handle some out of memory conditions
      draw: add alloc check
      util: add alloc check
      llvmpipe: ensure all bins are reset avoids memory corruption.

Alan Swanson (3):
      radeon: Adapt cliprect fixes from r300.
      r200: Adapt cliprect fixes from r300.
      r200: Simplify r200SetCliprects like radeonSetCliprects in radeon and r300.

Alex Corscadden (3):
      trace: Trace the correct version of the resource when setting the index buffer.
      trace: Don't immediately destroy the pipe's sampler view in the trace driver.
      Add a test for the KIL opcode

Alex Deucher (352):
      Apply Eric's stencil wrap patch (Eric Anholt)
      R300: RV410 SE chips have half the pipes of regular RV410
      Add new RV380 pci id
      Radeon 9500 (0x4144) only has one pipe
      R300: fix typo r300 fog reg
      Merge branch 'r500test' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/mesa into r345-cleanup
      R5xx:  Add R5xx pci ids
      R5xx: various updates
      Update comment
      R300: clean up VAP_PROG_STREAM_CNTL* register usage
      R300: cleanup VAP_CLIP_CNTL
      R300: fix VAP_OUTPUT_VTX_FMT_1 defines
      R3/4/5: fix TCL on r5xx, cleanup PVS code
      R5xx: Add R5xx pci ids
      R5xx: various updates
      Update comment
      R300: clean up VAP_PROG_STREAM_CNTL* register usage
      R300: cleanup VAP_CLIP_CNTL
      R300: fix VAP_OUTPUT_VTX_FMT_1 defines
      R3/4/5: fix TCL on r5xx, cleanup PVS code
      R300: fix rebase conflicts
      R500: add support for 4k textures
      Merge branch 'r500-support' of git+ssh://agd5f@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa into r500-support
      R3xx: more PVS cleanup
      R300: cleanup FS code and fill in missing details
      R500: fixup r300EmitClearState() FP for r5xx
      R300: clean up Fog registers
      R300: clean up CB registers
      R3xx: clean up ZB registers
      R300: clean up GA registers
      r500: write out the correct FP registers
      r300: SC register naming cleanup
      R3/4/5xx: update to use drm get_param for num gb pipes
      R300: 1002:5657 is actually RV410
      R300: update vap_cntl values for NUM_FPUS
      R300: missing semicolon
      R300: Add support for RS600 chips
      R300: set the number of GB pipes on all r3xx-r5xx chips
      R300: add support for RS600 chips
      radeon: fix compiler warning
      R600: initial copy of r300 code
      R6xx/R7xx: r300 -> r600 symbols
      R600/r700: add new cmdbuf macros
      Remove r500 stuff
      Merge branch 'radeon-rewrite' of git+ssh://agd5f@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa into r6xx-rewrite
      Fix build errors from merge
      R300: add quadpipe overrides
      R300: add quadpipe overrides
      R1xx/r2xx: Don't use an alpha texture format for GLX_TEXTURE_FORMAT_RGB_EXT
      r6xx: fix count on START_3D packet
      r6xx/r7xx: fix segfault in vertex shader setup
      fix build when HAVE_LIBDRM_RADEON is defined
      add missing RS780 pci id
      fix segfault when running glxinfo
      R6xx: select proper shader format
      r6xx: fix more r6xx specific cases
      enable surface sync function
      R6xx/r7xx: re-enable clears
      Argh.  fix last commit.  clears are still broken
      Remove subpixel offset from viewport
      r6xx/r7xx: switch to common dma functions for vecs
      R6xx/R7xx: switch to common clear with draw code
      R6xx/r7xx: remove old sw tcl bits
      Fix spelling in function name
      Remove unused functions
      more cleanup
      remove more old r300 bits
      more cleanup
      more cleanup
      more cleanup
      more cleanup
      get rid of chip_object struct
      fix an overflow in SPI_VS_OUT_CONFIG
      Disable clear code for now
      Clean up scissor and viewport code
      dump command buffer
      start to fill in ShadeModel()
      fill in r700ColorMask, cleanup
      use the float interface for viewport updates
      re-arrange state structure
      Pull in additional state setup from the DDX
      Use correct scratch reg offset for r6xx/r7xx
      move radeon_set_screen_flags() up so CHIP_FAMILY is set before using it
      Properly set aos_count
      Add RV740 support
      Merge master and fix conflicts
      R6xx/r7xx: fix locking for clear
      R6xx/R7xx: Fix number of temps used in fragment program
      r6xx/r7xx: rework aos setup
      R6xx/r7xx: first pass at texture support
      tex wip
      r6xx/r7xx: add sw blit for tex upload
      R6xx/R7xx: fix texture reloc emit
      R6xx/r7xx: remove some left over debugging
      R6xx/r7xx: disable CS dump
      R6xx/r7xx: use packet 3 for scratch emit
      Disable shader dumps
      R6xx/R7xx: no irqs yet.
      r6xx/r7xx: fix buffer aging bug
      R6xx/r7xx: implement memcpy buffer swaps
      Use memcpy directly in the common code
      make sure ctx->Driver.Flush is valid before calling it
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://agd5f@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa into r6xx-rewrite
      Fix r600 makefile for lastest CS changes
      R6xx/r7xx: more Makefile fixes
      radeon bo: Fix merge fall out
      Fix more merge fallout
      R6xx/r7xx: remove unused function
      R6xx: fix rendering on r6xx/rs780 chips
      R6xx/r7xx: add some missing state regs
      R6xx/r7xx: disable depth/stencil compression for now
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://agd5f@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa into r6xx-rewrite
      R200: fix build when RADEON_DEBUG_BO is set
      R6xx/r7xx: send depth state in it's own function
      R6xx/R7xx: add fine grained syncing support
      r600: add logicop support
      r600: add user clip plane support
      r600: add blending support
      r600: fix typo in blend code
      r600: add alpha test support
      R600: fix up some build problems
      r600: first pass at polyoffset support
      r600: fill in r700UpdateViewportOffset
      r600: set provoking vertex to last vertex for OGL
      r600: fill in point functions
      r600: use state functions to set default state
      r600: add stencil support
      Revert "r600: fix dst reg indexing"
      r600: fix segfault in morph3d
      r600: switch tex code to use SETfield macros
      r600: switch vtx resource setup to use SETfield macros
      r600: set VGT NUM_INSTANCES as part of the draw command
      r600: don't draw when num indices is 0
      r600: fix textures
      r600: fix _REV texture format component swizzles
      r600: disable flat shade fix in 506bacb8e40b0a170a4b620113506925d2333735
      r600: move r700TranslateFragmentShader into r700UpdateShaders
      r600: don't call r700UpdateShaders twice for each render
      r600: fix flat shading
      r600: implement texture border color
      r600: fix tex clamp modes
      r600: minor fixes
      r600: fix texture pitch alignment
      r600: remove extraneous semicolon
      r600: fix mipmaps
      r600: split primitive draw into a separate function
      r600: warning fixes
      r600: get updated pending age from cs ioctl
      r600: re-arrange state setup and emit so they are not mixed
      r600: unify state emit into one function
      r600: ensure we have enough room for full state emit
      r600: remove unused offset_mod stuff
      r600: fix reloc setup
      r600: make sure bos are valid before usign that
      r600: fix rectangle textures
      r600: fix regression in texenv
      r600: handle state emit better
      r600: fix r600SetTexOffset
      r600: fix the build when RADEON_DEBUG_BO is set
      r600: add some missing pci ids
      r600: add some new r7xx pci ids
      radeon: fix the build with older drm headers
      radeon: correct fix for tiling with the legacy build
      r600: use the drm ioctls for swap and texture upload
      r600: clean up Create/DestroyContext
      r600: state cleanups
      r600: fix warning
      r600: move non-surface related depth state to general state
      r600: move non-surface related cb state to general state
      r600: emit SURFACE_BASE_UPDATE on depth base updates on rv6xx
      radeon: remove RADEON_DEBUG_BO stuff
      r600: make sure the number of indices is valid
      r600: fix counting error after the last commit
      r300: fix the build on big endian
      r600: minor cleanup
      radeon: fix typo in last dma patch
      r600: rework emit code
      r600: move misc regs from general state
      r600: try and get everything in the draw in one IB
      r600: split state emit into block specific functions
      r600: improve state emission
      r600: convert to using common radeon state atoms
      r600: better default state size.
      r600: add support for RS880
      r600: move full state to radeon state atoms
      r600: make state emit more fine grained
      r600: always emit CB base
      r600: use persistent bos for shaders
      r600: fix count for CB/DB target state
      r600: bump reloc_chunk size
      radeon: add radeon_cs_write_table to the legacy path
      r600: fix logic copy paste error
      r600: map 16 VS outputs
      r600: fix state emit sizes
      r600: code cleanup
      r300: add support for getting Z pipe info from drm
      r300: r4xx and rs4xx also have lte discard regs
      r600: fix memory leak
      r600: make reloc_chunk size dynamic
      r600: add missing radeon_cs_space_set_flush call
      r600: fix two sided stencil
      r600: add missing r7xx pci id
      r600: make sure the active vertex shader bo is re-added to persistent list.
      r600: rework cb/db setup
      r600: fix Elts handling
      r600: Add support for GL_EXT_provoking_vertex
      r300: Add support for GL_EXT_provoking_vertex
      r600: add support for EXT_texture_sRGB
      r600: fix dri2 clipping
      r600: fix ftp for dri1
      r600: check if textures are actually enabled before submission
      r300: add full support for two sided stencil on r5xx for dri2
      r300: enable rb3d_discard_src_pixel_lte_threshold for more chips on dri2
      r600: support tex coords from constants
      Revert "r600: support tex coords from constants"
      r600: fix warning
      r600: add span support for 1D tiles
      r600: minor span cleanups
      radeon: don't build non-r600 span code on r600
      r600: fix polygon offset
      r600: fix point sizes
      r600: various cleanups
      r600: fix typo in the last commit
      r600: fix some warnings
      r600: fix copy/paste typo
      r600: fix r700PredictRenderSize for draw prims path
      r600: fix up ordering of functions in draw prims path
      r600: fix dri2 clipping
      r600: fix ftp for dri1
      r600: check if textures are actually enabled before submission
      r600: fix warning
      r600: add span support for 1D tiles
      r600: minor span cleanups
      radeon: don't build non-r600 span code on r600
      r600: fix polygon offset
      r600: fix point sizes
      r600: various cleanups
      r600: fix typo in the last commit
      r600: remove support for host-based ibs
      radeon: fix scissor regression
      r600: enable EXT_vertex_array_bgra extensions
      Merge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch' of git+ssh://agd5f@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      Merge branch 'mesa_7_6_branch' of git+ssh://agd5f@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://agd5f@git.freedesktop.org/git/mesa/mesa
      r600: fix depth span macros for format changes
      r600: clean up context creation
      r600: remove old tnl pipeline
      r600: fix render size prediction
      r600: remove remains of old tnl pipeline
      r600: add occlusion query support
      r600: Add support for ARB_depth_clamp
      r600: remove the no rrb messages
      r600: fix a warning, update comments
      r600: fill in some missing tex formats
      r600: remove duplicate line
      r600: fix count prediction for IB case
      r600: rework draw functions
      r600: add missing ZPASS setup bits for r7xx+
      r600: don't emit htile regs
      r600: rework DB render setup
      r600: don't emit htile regs
      r600: don't force Z order
      Revert "radeon: Fix legacy bo not to reuse dma buffers before refcount is 1."
      docs: Add note about r600
      r600: disable compressed texture support
      r200: fix polygon stipple
      radeon: fix polygon stipple
      radeon/r200/r600: fix drivers for changes in 433f0a82f5a4696e6b0c4061f645485ec8079bb4
      r600: Invert front face winding when rendering to FBO
      radeon: protect fbo allocation message with debug
      r600: fix typo in SQ setup
      r600: set tiling correctly for texturing from depth buffer
      r600: fill in some missing XRGB tex formats
      r600: add r600_blit.c
      r600: improve blit support
      r600: remove stray END_BATCH in blit code
      r600: fix some warnings
      r200: add blit support
      r100: add blit support

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