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Bug#607510: Suggestion about slow radeon, debian bug 607510

daenzer@debian.org (2011-02-11 at 1035.03 +0100):
> On Fre, 2011-02-11 at 05:54 +0100, GSR wrote: 
> > Could you check MigrationHeuristic setting? And try with "greedy"?
> This option doesn't have any effect with current upstream xserver and
> KMS, and even with older xservers where it accidentally had an effect,
> it's probably better to use the radeon driver option "EXAPixmaps" "off"
> if you want to prevent acceleration on all pixmaps other than the
> visible screen.
> Might be worth trying the current X server and driver in sid first
> though to see if they're doing better.

With KMS & 6.13.1-2+squeeze1 (Sid has 6.13.2-2, update scheduled in
some days) removing MigrationHeuristic from xorg.conf gives acceptable
speed, same than with it. So at some point in the past, the issue that
required greedy was solved. The obvious test was >5 sec canvas
refreshes in GIMP when repositioning the content. Thanks for the tip.


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