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Bug#556064: FTBFS with binutils-gold

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 21:55:24 -0500, James Vega wrote:

> reassign 556064 libxft-dev 2.1.12-3
> retitle 556064 fontconfig incorrectly listed as a private library
> thanks
> As shown below, the patch introduced in #389831 incorrectly moved
> fontconfig to Requires.private.  Thus, packages linking against Xft with
> --no-add-needed (or binutils-gold) FTBFS.  This can also be verified by
> seeing that many of the symbols defined by Xft are simply a #define of
> XftFoo to FcFoo.
All those macros are in the XftCompat header though, which seems to
imply that users should use the fontconfig names instead nowadays, and
link to fontconfig themselves?
A similar change is now upstream in libXft 2.2.0 fwiw:


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