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Bug#612766: to submit batch buffer - graphic is not starting at all

severity 612766 important

Hi Patrick,

first, thanks for the tests! Bumping severity since it looks like
we've got a bad issue here.

Patrick Winnertz <winnie@debian.org> (10/02/2011):
> As requested from KiBi, this bug can be reproduced using the
> official squeeze kernel.
> [   326.450] (EE) intel(0): Failed to submit batch buffer, expect rendering corruption or even a frozen display: No such device.

before I forget:
 - Switching from libdrm/squeeze to libdrm/sid fixes this issue.
 - Going back to libdrm/squeeze and applying 49447a9… [1] (trivial
   conflict) on top of it changes the ENODEV issue into the EINVAL one
   as seen with kernels >> 2.6.32.

 1. http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/drm/commit/?id=49447a9b957047db2549b8a929e763bbd87808ba

Next step would be trying the various versions available on:

and tell us which work and which don't. That should help us narrow it
down to the commit(s) we need to get this bug fixed.


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