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                            Patch #268 - 2011/02/10

     * fix  an inconsistency of the "Enable Reverse Video" checkbox in the
       VT  Options  menu.  This also removes a special case added in patch
       #217  which limited the effect of the reverseVideo resource (Debian
     * amend  decoding  of  misformed  UTF-8  sequences to avoid absorbing
       valid  characters  as documented in Unicode 6.0 section 3.9 (report
       by Keith Winstein).
     * do  not  set  urgency  hint when window already has focus (patch by
       Dimitrios Christidis).
     * amend  extended  mouse-coordinate  mode  from patch #262 changes to
       include  the  Cb  button-code,  which  also may be greater than 127
       (report by Ailin Nemui).
     * ensure that underline-cursor is visible when an application happens
       to set the background color (report by Christian Weisgerber).
     * add  feature  for  full-screen toggling using either Alt-Enter or a
       menu selection (integrated patch by Dave Simmons).
     * add  missing  logic  to  handle  reallocation of FIFO index for the
       "UTF-8" menu entry (report by David Holland, NetBSD #44344).
     * add makefile rules docs-ctlseqs, docs-xterm, etc.
     * correct typo in description of DECRPM in control sequences document
       (report by Ailin Nemui).

Thomas E. Dickey <dickey@invisible-island.net>

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