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Bug#589169: Xserver Crash Using Compiz

Hi Dave,

Dave Richards <drichard@largo.com> (15/07/2010):
> Newer mesa will not install without a complete upgrade of X.  It
> wants xserver-xorg-core 2:1.5+.  This is a huge engineering upgrade
> for us and will take lots of QA hours to test all of our hardware
> and software.  I hoped we could find a fix within the confines of
> Lenny.  Lenny is shipped on HP thin clients as part of a custom
> build designed specifically for these devices.

now that squeeze is out, will you have a chance to give it a try? If
so, I'll keep that bug open and wait for input from your
side. Otherwise, I'll close it as “we can't unfortunately figure out
the status with newer versions”. :/


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