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Status of the drivers


quick update WRT the drivers we have in our git repositories:
 - -newport isn't done, needs to be uploaded from mips.
 - -sun* are done, need to be uploaded from sparc.
 - -qxl not done, need to coordinate with its maintainer.

Others are ready to be uploaded when squeeze releases, along with:
 - libdrm
 - libxfont
 - mesa
 - xorg
 - xorg-server

Unmaintained drivers are going to be moved to attic/, and bugs asking
their removal from the archive will be filed.

I'd like to set some mail alias (or something similar) to gather
everyone involved with drivers, to ease communication on that
particular topic. Following debian-x@ as a whole shouldn't be a
prerequisite for a driver maintainer.

That would gather the maintainers of:
 - geode
 - wacom
 - [others]

and maybe in “our” drivers:
 - ivtvdev
 - openchrome
 - qxl
 - [others]

I'll try and address that later.


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