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xorg-server: Changes to 'refs/tags/xorg-server-2_1.9.4-1'

Tag 'xorg-server-2_1.9.4-1' created by Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> at 2011-02-05 14:21 +0000

Tagging upload of xorg-server 2:1.9.4-1 to unstable.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since xorg-server-2_1.9.3.902-1:
Cyril Brulebois (33):
      Introduce dh_xsf_substvars.
      Get rid of inputabiver and videoabiver files.
      Get rid of long obsolete NEWS file.
      rules: Only read the first line of debian/serverminver.
      rules: Keep only the major ABI version for xorg-{input,video}-abi-$ABI.
      Add xorg-video-abi-8.0 and xorg-input-abi-11.0 to the server's Provides.
      Add ${videoabi}, ${inputabi} to the udeb's Provides.
      Add an abibumpcheck target which checks for xinput and videodrv ABI updates.
      Add current versions to debian/serverminver accordingly.
      Ship dh_xsf_substvars in xserver-xorg-dev.
      Copy server's substvars as udeb's substvars.
      Replace “--remaining-packages” with “-Nfoo -Nbar” in the “dh_strip -s” call.
      Also ship a debhelper sequence: xsf.pm
      Bump changelog.
      Don't set variables for -dev packages.
      Don't set variables for -all meta packages.
      Use “dh_prep” instead of deprecated “dh_clean -k”.
      Merge branch 'upstream-unstable' into debian-unstable
      Bump changelogs.
      Merge branch 'new-dependencies' into debian-unstable
      Remove trailing space.
      Remove “xserver” from Provides, it's deprecated.
      Use architecture wildcards for build-deps.
      Add armhf/powerpcspe support (Closes: #585697, #605764).
      Document the cherry-pick (Closes: #590715).
      Remove trailing whitespaces.
      The “Squeeze is released, target sid!” upload.
      Unfuzzy all patches.
      Fix case.
      Update Uploaders list. Thanks, David & Steve & Brice!
      Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1 (no changes needed).
      Bump debhelper build-dep for dh_prep.
      Upload to unstable.

Jeremy Huddleston (1):
      xorg-server 1.9.4

Samuel Thibault (1):
      xserver: enable TLS even if AIGLX is not enabled

 ChangeLog                                                 |    8 +
 configure.ac                                              |    6 -
 debian/changelog                                          |   47 ++++++++++
 debian/control                                            |   31 +++----
 debian/inputabiver                                        |    1 
 debian/local/dh_xsf_substvars                             |   53 +++++++++++
 debian/local/xsf.pm                                       |    8 +
 debian/patches/001_fedora_extramodes.patch                |    6 -
 debian/patches/02_Add-libnettle-as-option-for-sha1.diff   |   24 ++---
 debian/patches/07-xfree86-fix-build-with-xv-disabled.diff |   20 +---
 debian/patches/15-nouveau.diff                            |   32 ++-----
 debian/patches/16-xaa-fbcomposite-fix-negative-size.diff  |    6 -
 debian/rules                                              |   54 ++++++++----
 debian/serverminver                                       |    2 
 debian/videoabiver                                        |    1 
 debian/xserver-xorg-core.NEWS                             |   62 --------------
 debian/xserver-xorg-dev.install                           |    3 
 17 files changed, 210 insertions(+), 154 deletions(-)

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