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Re: [PATCH/RFC libpciaccess/debian-unstable 0/6] build system nitpicks


Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com> (05/02/2011):
> Looking into packaging the API docs described by src/Doxyfile, I got
> sidetracked by simplifying debian/rules using dh and generating the
> upstream changelog automatically from the git repo (all of which
> seem to work well).  This patch series does none of those things ---
> it just carries out some minor cleanups.

thanks for the patches.

> Patch 1 makes "debian/rules clean" work without fakeroot (which is a
> pet peeve of mine and how "dh clean" works, anyway).

need to think about it.

> Patch 2 uses dh_prep in place of dh_clean -k, since the latter
> makes some noise about being deprecated nowadays.

(and bumps the build-dep.)

> Patch 3 writes "7" to debian/compat, since debhelper 7 is needed
> for patch 2 anyway.

it's not a single character change, 5→7 might lead to some changes
which might not be spotted through debdiff.

> Patch 4 adds a debian/.gitignore.


> Patch 5 uses dpkg-buildflags to retrieve CFLAGS.


> Patch 6 removes some noise from the ./configure compile line.


> No change noticed in the binary packages with debdiff.  These are
> just nitpicks, so please feel free to take what looks good and
> discard the rest.

I've just performed a switch to dh in all drivers. Not sure I want to
do so in the libraries as well. Will see once I'm done with the
ongoing preparation of X11R7.6 in sid.



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