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Re: Upcoming package updates

Christopher James Halse Rogers <christopher.halse.rogers@canonical.com> (03/02/2
> I, too, like the way dh makes the interesting parts of the packaging
> obvious by omitting all the non-interesting bits.  Also, unlike
> CDBS, it's quite straightforward to make the interesting bits happen
> :).


> I'm a fan of automating common tasks.  I think this might also be
> helpful in getting the small, but annoying, number of drivers that
> aren't maintained by the XSF to properly declare dependencies.

Indeed. Hopefully, the reference documentation + a few lintian checks
should help getting every package in line.

> I think that out-of-tree interacts poorly with ccache, but (a) that
> could be PEBKAC, and (b) for the packages where ccache is
> interesting we need to do out-of-tree builds anyway for the multiple
> flavours.
> I'm therefore of no strong opinion on out-of-tree.

Alright, and since Julien suggested we keep it, I'll do so.

I've started preparing input drivers locally. Stuff committed on top
of what's in debian-experimental, then merged into
debian-unstable. It's going nicely for now, video drivers should

Hopefully, 1.9.4 is out in less than a week, ditto for squeeze, so
that'll be time to upload 1.9.4 (with new packaging-related features)
to unstable, along with the drivers I'm preparing.

In case 1.9.4 is delayed, I might have to change the build-dep to
xserver-xorg-dev (>= instead, so I'll probably only push
stuff right before uploading.


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