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Bug#610043: xorg: Incorrect screen size and resolution

Hello Cyril,

First, let me say that I truly appreciate your timely responses and
personal attention. I am, however, a little puzzled by your reply.

On Sat, 15 Jan 2011 03:35:13 +0100, Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> wrote:
Hi again.

T.F. Torrey <tftorrey@tftorrey.com> (14/01/2011):
On Dell 710m laptop with 1280x800 screen, X only produces 1024x768.
Screen should be 96x96 dpi, but instead is ~120x100. Problem exists
on standard Squeeze install. Upgrading to packages in experimental
does not help.

I already answered your installation report. Closing per second
paragraph of:



I didn't file the installation report because it didn't work correctly,
I filed it because the d-i team asks for one when the new installer is
tested. I filed this bug report because the first part of your response
in the message you refer to was: "General answer, report a bug:
reportbug xorg". However, it seems by your replies that neither report
was welcome.

Regarding the bug report, I'm confused as to why you closed the bug,
when the display is not correct and can not be made correct. Is the
Debian BTS only intended for Debian-specific bugs, bugs with a
sufficient level of interest, or something else I don't understand?

Finally, regarding the bug itself, your original response suggested
that this may be a problem of upstream support. It may be useful
information that the display is correct under the latest version of
Kubuntu, which is using 7.5+6 of xorg as opposed to Squeeze's 7.5+8.
I could provide a copy of the log Kubuntu generates if desired.

This message is intended to provide information and work toward a
solution; I hope it is received in that spirit.

Best regards,
T.F. Torrey

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