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Bug#609299: 2:2.13.903-1 requires experimental libdrm, but depends allows sid libdrm

tag 609299 - experimental

Removing the extraneous experimental tag. The BTS has version
tracking, and that'll do the job.

EspeonEefi <espeoneefi@eep.dnsalias.org> (08/01/2011):
> The dependency of the experimental xserver-xorg-video-intel
> (2:2.13.903-1) is libdrm-intel1 (>=2.4.21) and libdrm2 (>=2.4.17),
> both of which are satisfiable by the libdrm in sid. However, it
> seems the libdrm in experimental is actually required.

This might be a missing shlibs bump in libdrm; didn't check yet.

> The changelog for xserver-xorg-video-intel 2:2.13.903-1 claims that
> one of the new changes is to drop
> libdrm-from-sid-is-ok.diff. Perhaps that dropping didn't quite
> happen as expected?

That was a configure(.ac) check, in which we previously were lowering
the needed libdrm version, at build time. So dropping it did exactly
what was intended. (Along with bumping the version in the build-dep.)


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