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Bug#606604: xorg: High memory usage when setting "radeon modeset=0" in /etc/modprobe.d/radeon-kms.conf

On Fre, 2010-12-10 at 15:18 +0600, Alexander E. Ivlev wrote: 
> Package: xorg
> Version: 1:7.5+8
> Severity: normal
> After i change "radeon modeset" to 0, memory usage became very high.
> Memory is not freed completely after use and further closing programs.
> After a short use, xorg takes about 350 megabytes of memory.
> There is no programs running except gnome.
> Initially, after loading DE, xorg consumes about 40 megabytes of memory.
> And for comparison, with the "radeon modeset" enabled, after loading
> DE xorg consumes about 20 megabytes of memory.

FWIW, there are several gotchas to watch out for here:

      * With KMS, top may not show all memory used by the X server for
        pixmap storage, you also need to look
        at /proc/dri/0/gem_objects . 
      * Depending on which column of the top output you're looking at,
        it may not directly reflect actual memory usage.

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