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Bug#573994: Have similar crash with nvidia

Hi Dmitry,

Dmitry Khlystov <adminimus@gmail.com> (30/11/2010):
> I use KDE 4.4.5 on nvidia gf6600, nv driver with disabled hardware
> acceleration and enabled shadowfb. Logs and xorg.conf in attachments
> Debian Testings, i386, X.org 1:7.5+7, kernel 2.6.32-9 (i686)

just curious, does using 'nouveau' work better?

Could you please install debug packages and get a full backtrace? That
would mean running Xorg under gdb (or attach it once it's running),
and typing "bt full" at the gdb prompt once X is crashed. Note that X
is responsible for VT switching, so you may want to do this from a
second machine, through ssh.


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