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Bug#326200: xterm: please set eightBitInput: false by default so Alt is usable as such

Reuben Thomas wrote:
> On 3 November 2010 04:52:29 UTC, Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com> wrote:

>> Could you give a pointer or elaborate on the ramifications (perhaps an
>> example)?  Mostly I am curious.
> xterm(1) has the details.

Well, no, it doesn't.  What I was looking for was:

"emacs -nw" and similar apps do not recognize Meta+key without this


>                                           I note that urxvt also
> defaults to Meta+key sending an escape (it calls the resource "meta8",
> and defaults to false). I have not come across any negative
> ramifications (obviously, it is no longer possible to produce certain
> characters with Meta, but there are better ways to produce most
> non-ASCII printing characters).


Sven Joachim wrote:

| Now after reading #574396 I see that with the xterm resources
| xterm*metaSendsEscape: false
| xterm*eightBitInput: false
| and bash as shell meta-key combinations yield non-ASCII characters,

I guess we can rely on people to keep the default of metaSendsEscape?
Or perhaps a note in README.Debian would be needed to warn people.

If you know what to do, please provide a patch. :)  Otherwise, thoughts


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