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Bug#600402: xterm: no longer respects *VT100.font setting

On Thu, 21 Oct 2010, Thomas Dickey wrote:

On Thu, 21 Oct 2010, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

Thomas Dickey wrote:

xterm-264: cannot load font

Presumably you don't have xfonts-terminus installed. :)

It turns out that this message was from an executable just before I tagged
#264, differing by this item in xterm.log.html:

     * replace  a  null-pointer  check  with  check  for  empty string in
       xtermOpenFont, to eliminate a warning message from [268]patch #263

Either way, the executables that I've compiled seem to work...

I thought that, but xfd shows the same (rather large) font,
and xlsfonts says I have some 24-point terminus fonts.

So (unless it was complaining about not finding a matching bold font),
I'm keeping in mind that there may be a bug to find in the message.

Another symptom to add to the pile:

If I build xterm 264 from source and install to $HOME/opt/xterm,
$HOME/opt/xterm/bin/xterm works fine (using the correct font).  Even
when xterm 264-1 is installed.

So this would seem to be a problem only encountered with the flags
used to build Debian xterm, I guess?

Possibly.  I'll check down that path as well.  (Also, I'm only assuming
that my -xrm option produces the same result as the xrdb).

I'll look into the package options, etc. (I was thinking of adding dpkg/rpm scripts to xterm anyway, as I've been doing with other programs).

Thomas E. Dickey

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