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Bug#595758: synclient: man page and -h disagree about valid options

Package: xserver-xorg-input-synaptics
Version: 1.2.2-2
Severity: minor

synclient -h lists different options from what the man page specifies, and one
of these is invalid (-?).

$ synclient -h
Usage: synclient [-s] [-m interval] [-h] [-l] [-V] [-?] [var1=value1 [var2=value2] ...]
  -m monitor changes to the touchpad state (implies -s)
     interval specifies how often (in ms) to poll the touchpad state
  -l List current user settings
  -V Print synclient version string and exit
  -? Show this help message
  var=value  Set user parameter 'var' to 'value'.

Neither the help nor the man page say what -s is (maybe use SHM? see syndaemon man page).

Usage says -h is valid but does not say it shows the help message.

Both Usage and the man page say -? is valid, too, whereas empirical evidence says it is
not; using it results in an 'invalid option' error message.

The man page says:

       For the -m and -h options, SHM must  be  enabled  by  setting  the  option  SHMConfig  "on"  in  your
       XOrg/XFree86 configuration.

But even though SHMConfig is not on, -h does appear to work.  Maybe they meant -s?

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