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Bug#589346: xorg: Graphical acceleration only available to one X user

Le 16/07/2010 22:19, Alex Dănilă a écrit :
> Package: xorg
> Version: 1:7.5+6
> Severity: normal
> Some types of acceleration are not availabe to the second simultaneous
> log-in on the machine. I only say some types,
> because some things work fast, others slow:
> Fast:
> -window resizing (both kwin and metacity)
> -Opera animations, drawing, javascript
> -KDE Plasma animations
> -video seems to work decently.
> Slow:
> -window moving (both kwin and metacity)
> -scrolling (Dolphin, Opera)
> -3d is much slower (TORCS: 5-15 fps on the first login, 0-1 fps on the
> second)
> Additionaly, Kwin compositing cannot be enabled on the second login,
> only on the first. Please ask for any
> information I failed to provide.
> Reproduce:
> -login to an desktop session
> -start a new desktop session without closing the first one, and notice
> the problems with this session.
> Video driver:
> xserver-xorg-video-radeon 1:6.13.1-1
> This situation has been the same for a long time in Debian Unstable
> (more than a year), regardless of drm, mesa, kde version, xorg version.

In the past, DRI was only available to a single session. But with KMS
and modern stuff, it should work fine. Make sure you run KMS (which
means kernel at 2.6.32-5 from testing) and (if it doesn't) please send
your X log.


PS: javascript certainly has nothing to do with X :)

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