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Bug#573343: Bug confirmed here


> could you please try with a more recent kernels? 2.6.32-4 should be
> far better than 2.6.32-trunk; bonus points if you can grab one built
> from linux-2.6/2.6.32-11, uploaded a few hours ago. Many bugfixes got
> merged since the kernel version you're currently using, and it'd be
> nice to make sure whether the bug(s) you're having are still
> reproducible with newer versions.

I've tried two things thanks to your advices : 

- 2.6.32-trunk and 2.6.32-4_10 with kernel modesetting disabled : no
  more freeze

- 2.6.32-4_11 with kernel modesetting enabled : no more freeze

So I would guess (but it really is just a guess) that the problem came
from kms and that it has been solved at least since kernel 2.6.32-4_11.

Thanks a lot for your help,


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