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Bug#570124: xserver-xorg: X crash while either idle or busy


# If the kernel goes down, that's the kernel bug. You should try to catch
# the problem in dmesg or so and open another bug report.
I'll posting in lkml now, too.
Catching dmesg or something hasn't been possible up to now. System hangs.
Any idea how to catch this?

# Please catch a debugging backtrace of the X crash with gdb.
Could you please provide some information on how to proceed with this? 

# And first, please try with Debian 2.6.32-trunk kernel packages, with and
# without KMS enabled.
It happened using non-kms kernels as well. We only switched to kms in late 2009
For the trunk deb kernels: We can't switch yet as we use lxc and there's
some cap missing in the trunk debs.

Thank you.



PS: Sorry for the late reply. Mail trouble.

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