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Bug#522635: xserver-xorg-input-kbd: alt-gr doesn't work for some characters

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 21:33:14 +0100, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

>  From what I know there isn't just one package maintainer (I see four
> people listed in the Uploaders field) and there aren't 1000 bugs

Saying xserver-xorg-input-kbd has 1 maintainer is an overstatement, the
number of people who care is probably 0.  The Uploaders field doesn't
really mean anything.

> (actually there are 17 in this source package).
Sure.  Now look at
and try again, with still 1 maintainer (and here again, 1 is probably
more than the reality).

>  If the problem is to not understand the problem, then pretty please,
> don't let it lie around for almost a year and never ask for having it
> explained more clearly. And no, digging around for how upstream likes to
> receive their bugs, in which system and where, doesn't scale when there
> are people that actually know that information first hand from their
> maintainer work.
>  I try to explain the issue again, hopefully clearly enough: In German
> keyboard layout, AltGr-q gives you an @. AltGr is the right alt key.
> This works perfectly in urxvt-unicode and in gvim. It though does *not*
> work in pidgin or firefox, they just receive the plain q. Those are just
> two applications from either side of the problem, there are more, it's
> not limited only to those but are meant as an example.
What does xev report when you press those keys?  Does the problem happen
in all gtk apps?  Does the problem happen in non-gtk apps?


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