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Bug#516210: xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd: "unsupported chipset" despite 1650

Jeff Abrahamson wrote:
> Package: xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd
> Version: 1.2.5-1
> Severity: normal
> Further details.  I suspect that, despite claiming that the X1650
> chipset is supported, it is not fully.  Excerpts from my most recent
> experiments:
>   (EE) RADEONHD(0): [dri] CP_INIT failed
>   (EE) RADEONHD(0): RHDDRIFinishScreenInit: RHDDRIKernelInit Failed.
>   (EE) RADEONHD(0): TMDSBVoltageControl: unhandled chipset: 0x71C7.
>   (EE) RADEONHD(0): RHDCSStop: Command Submission backend is not active!

You need to install firmware-linux, see the kernel log.


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