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xprint: Changes to 'refs/tags/xprint-2_1.6.0-1'

Tag 'xprint-2_1.6.0-1' created by Drew Parsons <dparsons@debian.org> at 2009-11-21 08:32 +0000

Tagging upload of xprint 2:1.6.0-1 to unstable.

Changes since the dawn of time:
Aaron Plattner (62):
      Export miDisableCompositeWrapper.
      Bump the video driver module ABI minor version to 8 so modules statically
      Add miext/cw to the module loader include path so that misym.c can export
      Export DamageDamageRegion. Not bumping the ABI version since we did that
      Add miext/damage so misym.c can export DamageDamageRegion.
      Add a new export, LoaderGetABIVersion. This function allows modules to
      Bump the ABI versions. Due to Glyph privates and the XV update below, the
      Fix the RandR failure path for rotated screens.
      Build infrastructure for libwfb.so.
      Prefix all of the exported symbols in libwfb.so with "wfb".
      Add framebuffer access wrapper infrastructure.
      Switch to using void* pointers.
      Add fbHasVisualTypes and fbSetVisualTypesAndMasks to wfbrename.h and include -DXFree86Server.
      Make ReadMemoryProcPtr take a const pointer.
      Wrap libwfb memory access.
      Use DrawablePtrs instead of PixmapPtrs for Prepare/Finish access.
      Add CompositeRegisterAlternateVisuals.
      (unsigned long)(1 << 31) = bad news on x86_64.
      (unsigned long)(1 << 31) = bad news on x86_64.
      Hide or rename more global symbols to avoid clashes with libfb.
      Bug 8386: Grow parser buffers to fit an entire line if it's longer than CONFIG_BUF_LEN.
      Restore the global xx* symbols and add them to wfbrename.h.
      Merge branch 'wfb'
      Bug #8459: Don't forget to include AM_CFLAGS in libfb_la_CFLAGS on non-MMX platforms.
      Fix standard VESA modes.
      Add a -showDefaultModulePath option.
      Add a -showDefaultLibPath option.
      Add DIX_CFLAGS to util builds.
      Bug #9219: Return BadMatch when trying to name the backing pixmap of an unrealized window.
      Bug #9219: Use pWin->viewable instead of pWin->realized to catch InputOnly windows too.
      Fix BSF and BSR instructions in the x86 emulator.
      Add an RDTSC implementation to the x86 emulator.
      Return BadMatch if a client tries to clone non-cloneable outputs.
      Don't crash setting a NULL mode with a randr classic DDX. Also remember to update the screen size during modesets.
      Add a screen resize hook to xf86CrtcConfigRec.
      Add a canGrow argument to xf86InitialConfiguration.
      Bump video driver ABI to 2.0 for cw change (commit 6ed08949af4f7ac09170d3d9581e4092b24a84ee).
      Swap RRScreenChangeNotifyEvent dimensions when the screen has one crtc and it's rotated.
      Don't call xf86RandR12TellChanged if it doesn't exist. Add some exports to xf86Rename.h.
      Fix unbalanced fbGetDrawable added in commit 0a9239ec.
      Adjust the screen pixmap's dimensions in xf86RandR12ScreenSetSize.
      Include xf86Rename.h in xf86RandR12.h.
      Add new fb symbols to wfbrename.h.
      Handle tileStride > 1 in fbEvenTile.
      Include picturestr.h in xf86Crtc.h to pick up definition of PictTransform.
      Don't fail compScreenInit if the driver added its own alternate visuals.
      Fix a crash when rotating the screen.
      Don't unwrap too early in libwfb for Composite.
      Bug #12015: Use the right offsets in the dst arguments of pixman_blt.
      stride is in FbBits-sized chunks, but xoff is not.
      Bump video driver ABI for pci-rework.
      Set noCompositeExtension to TRUE when failing to initialize the extension (e.g. when Xinerama is enabled).
      Don't segfault on shutdown if we never managed to connect to dbus.
      Restore the CompositeGlyphs -> ps->Glyphs -> miGlyphs callchain to allow acceleration architectures to wrap above miGlyphs.
      Add CreatePixmap allocation hints.
      Save pixmap allocation hints into the PixmapRec.
      Fix a really dumb typo.
      Get rid of xf86DefModes.c.
      Fix dist by including modeline2c.awk.
      Get modes code building with old X servers again.
      Include pciaccess in the xorg-server.pc Requires line.
      Xephyr: Handle depth 30 and reject higher depths rather than crashing.

Adam Jackson (533):
      Bug #377: Make lib{glx,GLcore,dri} work when compiled as dlloader modules.
      Bug #400 (partial): Driver fixes for the dlloader. When using dlloader, all
      Change several LoaderSymbol calls introduced by the bug #400 patch to
      Bug #962: Remove LoaderSymbol calls introduced by the dlloader work so
      Teach the loader about the extra symbols needed for Propolice-protected
      Back out the propolice fix for a second, it causes linktime errors.
      Wrap the Propolice fix in #ifdef __SSP__; Propolice doesn't define this yet
      Bug #1252, #1253, #1255, #1256: Various typo fixes from Dave Jones.
      Bug #1628: Convert xf86{BusToMem,MemToBus} to PIC code, eliminating a text
      Bug #1765: Add support for R_ALPHA_SREL32 relocations in elfloader.
      Bug #557: Don't use "bool" as a variable name in xf86cfg, to avoid compiler
      Bug #2114: PPC64 Linux build fix: use system definition of eieio().
      Build fixes for static server.
      Bug #1895: Fix fbComposeGetSolid for BGR. (David S. Miller)
      more static server build fixes
      Bug #2004: Make DDC delay slightly longer. (Thomas J. Moore)
      Bug #1294: Make sure RenderAccel hooks get wrapped in XAA init.
      Bug #826: Make xorgconfig respect font installation outside $PROJECTROOT.
      Bug #2455: Make x86emu handle JNL correctly. (David Wong)
      Bug #1821: Typo fix in xorg.conf man page (Jens Schweikhardt)
      Bug #2835: Add symbol exports to support the ReadDisplay extension.
      Bug #3025: gcc4 build fix.
      Bug #2141: Rework misleading warning message when APM support is
      Bug #2373: SGI Altix platform support. (Shrijeet Mukherjee, Jesse Barnes,
      Bug #2373: SGI Altix platform support. (Shrijeet Mukherjee, Jesse Barnes,
      Bug #3069: Drop the BuildLowMem hack, it doesn't compile and isn't useful.
      Bug #3109: Handle R_ALPHA_BRSGP relocations in elfloader. (Sergey Tikhonov)
      Bug #3016: Don't complain as loudly about failing to load a module that's
      Bug #2141: Rework misleading warning message when APM support is
      Bug #2138: When the server is built with MakeDllModules YES, prefer
      Render performance improvements. (Lars Knoll, Zack Rusin)
      Render performance improvements. (Lars Knoll, Zack Rusin)
      Bug #3163: Create new DRIINFO_*_VERSION macros to indicate the version
      Bug #3066: Promote frameBufferPhysicalAddress to pointer from CARD32; bump
      Bug #3334: Clean up remnants from the PEX, XIE, and BEZIER extensions.
      Bug #3407: Clean out ancient #ifdef X11R5 conditionals.
      Bug #3368: Cosmetic cleanup to DIX export list.
      Bug #3434: Don't define fbAddTraps twice. (Mike A. Harris)
      Bug #1880: Remove unused xnestConfineWindow. (Mark McLoughlin)
      Bug #1846: Add intentionally undocumented -disablexineramaextension flag to
      Bug #2469: More accurate damage reports. (Jonathan Lennox)
      Bug #2799: Input shape. (Keith Packard)
      Bug #3513: Silence unhandled event messages from Xnest when running with
      Build workaround. Add glcontextmodes.[ch] from Mesa.
      Bug #3626: _X_EXPORT tags for video and input drivers.
      Bug #3030: Fix Xnest keyboard state handling. (Mark McLoughlin)
      Cosmetic correctness fixes: miEmptyBox and miEmptyData are variables, and
      Bug #2447: Fix argument order to xf86DrvMsgVerb. (Luc Verhaegen)
      Bug #3546: Use MAP_LENGTH instead of a magic number. (Mark McLoughlin) Bug
      Bug #3687: Print backtraces on fatal signal on glibc systems.
      Bug #2216: Multiseat support. From various Debian and Ubuntu patches by
      -lXfont isn't enough for libbitmap, you need to get the -L from pkg-config
      Don't try to link fb, shadow, or vgahw into the loadable Xorg server, as
      add some convenience variables for the drivers
      Start filling in glx build. Add xf86Version.h and a few DRI headers to the
      Prep for modular builds by adding guarded #include "config.h" everywhere.
      Forgot to add these for some reason
      GLX server support
      build fix
      Pull libdri out of the build for now until I get something better worked
      double-buffering extension
      Hook dbe into the build
      Generate useful loadable modules by actually linking in the blobs from the
      Dear libtool: Loadable modules do not need version numbers. kthnxbye.
      updated comment for libbitmap
      dlloader is the default in 6.9, but the loader doesn't get told to prefer
      Remove references to DDX-specific extensions
      loader support for extmod
      loadable extmod build system.
      disable GLcore momentarily until a build system exists. --enable-glx should
      Enable GLX build by default
      start the GLcore build system
      Hey look, GLcore links
      Hook in the GLcore build
      Switch to MESA_SOURCE which we're already AC_SUBSTing
      Say --with-mesa-source to get GLcore built.
      Typo fix, and re-add GLcore to the dixmods build
      Fix --with-mesa-source parsing, and turn GLX off if no path to Mesa given.
      GLX needs gl.h from Mesa too
      Fix the build system to reflect the rest of the Mesa core. Almost links,
      glapi build (forgot this one somehow)
      Emit makefiles for glapi, slang, and grammar. Conditionally define GLX_LIBS
      Add the symlink script for the Mesa source.
      Fire the Mesa symlink script from the configure stage.
      GLX fix for loadable servers: indirect_size.c goes in libglx, not libGLcore
      Bug #3739: Fail soft on unknown extension string.
      Bump autoconf dependency to 2.57 from 2.53. Add 2.57 compatibility hack for
      - Workaround for AS_HELP_STRING compatibility with older autoconf.
      only do the AS_HELP_STRING workaround once, d'oh
      Move AM_CONDITIONAL for ia64 to global scope
      distcheck fixes
      dist fixes for cw and GL (Donnie Berkholz, me)
      - Check for vsnprintf
      - Bug #3960: Add remaining GLX and pci.ids stuff to DIST (Cha Young-Ho,
      EXTRA_DIST hacks to get all the OS support files into the tarball.
      Bug #3989: Fix Composite builds, enable Composite build by default. (Olli
      Invert the sense of the composite configure flag to match reality.
      Add sparcPci.c to EXTRA_DIST.
      Bug #4160: Fix Altix kernel version check.
      Add diagnostic messages for exaDriverInit failure cases.
      Bug #3974: Fix unaligned memory access on LP64. (Matthieu Herrb)
      typo fix
      Simplify life for EXA drivers by reducing some {Con,Dis}joint ops.
      Bug #3284: Make the DRI lock reference count per-screen.
      Missing backslash
      Bug #4257: Move cfbcmap.c to cfb_common_sources.
      Bug #4487: Add the bsd subdir to DIST_SUBDIRS. (Joshua Baergen)
      Disable the {Open,Close}FullScreen DRI protocol. Remove empty FullScreen
      sparse cleanups. s/0/NULL/ and mark a few things static.
      Bug #4393: uClibc lies and defines __GLIBC__ even though it's not source
      Real configure check for execinfo.h (Yuri Vasilevski)
      Bug #3781: Only use fbCopyAreammx when alu == GXcopy. Originally Gentoo bug
      Bug #4038: Unbreak the SYSVIPC check for cross builds. (Detlef Vollman)
      Preprocess and install XOrgCfg.ad as in the monolith.
      Bug #3652: Server-side GLX support for GLX_SGIX_swap_barrier and
      Work around automake-1.7 braindamage by providing an explicit rule for
      More automake 1.7 braindamage: use mkdir -p, not .
      Fix parallel builds my ensuring libdmxconfig builds first.
      Fix distcheck by forcing Xorg to be installed before chmod/chown.
      Fix PCI bus scan on ia64 E8870 chipsets.
      Bug #3196: Fix Load foo.so syntax.
      Bug #3224: Degrade XKB fallback message to X_WARNING.
      Move xf86XTrapModule.c to dixmods, guess at a build system.
      Bug #4840: Typo, x$xRES -> x$RES. (George Fufutos)
      Bug #4730: Byte-swap the pixmap ID correctly. (Neil Campbell)
      Bug #1429: Report input device type correctly. (Stéphane VOLTZ)
      Make fb build on darwin/ppc without addition #define hacks
      Fix builds when not building the Xorg DDX.
      Bug #4859: Don't segfault on bad DDC read. (Tony Houghton)
      Bug #4928: Unbreak Makefile.am for Alpha chips. (Stefan DeRoeck)
      Bug #4824: Build XTrap support by default, matching monolith.
      Only build dlloader modules by default.
      Bug #5093: Fix fb for non-SSE machines. (Xavier Bachelot)
      Import libdrm 2.0
      Disable the xf8_32wid logic for now, breaks distcheck
      Bug #5230: Fix whitespace bugs.
      Bug #4928: Fix compilation for Alpha. (Stefaan DeRoeck)
      Bug #3944: Fix 24bpp packed pixel. (Søren Sandmann Pedersen)
      Bug #4361: Define XF86CONFIGFILE properly so config file generation works
      Bug #4361: Change driver probe logic to read the driver list from disk
      Push the fallback drivers to the end of the list so driver probe order
      Bug #1288: Additional refactor of the driver probe logic to keep ati loaded
      Fix a thinko so the code matches the comment
      Bug #4809: Re-fix that doesn't break distcheck. (Alan Coopersmith)
      Bug #4935: Fix includes. (Eric Anholt)
      Bug #5258: Restore binary compatibility with 6.8.2's PictureRec. (Aaron
      Build libglx correctly when not building the Xorg DDX.
      Bug #4718: Command line flag to disable ACPI.
      Stub COPYING files
      Bug #5116: Refer DRI section details to dri.fd.o.
      Bug #5359: Fix a segfault (Mark Kettenis)
      Fix an fb regression on A8 pictures. (Fredrik Höglund)
      Remove unused layer module.
      Nuke unsupported NDBM routines. Shrink the hash table a bit, over
      Bug #4190: Add a rule for 'make relink' since automake sucks.
      Start importing kdrive.
      Build fixes: XSERVER_LIBS -> KDRIVE_LIBS, config.h -> kdrive-config.h
      Skeletal kdrive build system. Totall non-functional atm.
      Remove Imakefiles.
      Get Xsdl closer to linking.
      Enough build fixes to get {sdl,ephyr,fake} to link.
      Remove a debugging printf
      Disable building LBX by default.
      missed changelog entry:
      Missed one
      Style fix, make SCREEN_EPILOGUE two arguments instead of three.
      Make kdInputMachine static const, shrinks .data a bit.
      Remove unused X11R4 DDX compatibility function miClipNotify.
      Move drawable lock acquisition into DRIClipNotify from DRIValidateTree, so
      Bug #5525: Build a working Xprt. (Drew Parsons)
      Missed file.
      Compile fix
      This version will actually compile
      One more build fix.
      Bug #5218: Don't crash on unconfigured interfaces. (Andrei Barbu)
      Compile fix, again, stupid non-clean builds
      Remove remaining #ifdef DPSEXT stanzas.
      More kdrive merge, fast path fbBlt to use memcpy() when possible. Good for
      Remove xf8_32wid, it's dead code with no maintainer interest. Also remove
      Speed up checkout and autogen by removing disused iplan2p4 and ilbm.
      Further op reduction when both src and dst alpha are absent.
      Reverted, did nothing anyway, I'm not smart today.
      Mark everything in misym.c as _X_EXPORT.
      Mark everything in {ext,font}sym.c as _X_EXPORT.
      Mark everything in dixsym.c as _X_EXPORT.
      Remove a few #ifdef vms; whatever problem that was solving should assuredly
      ANSIfy Xi/. Mostly automated via protoize(1).
      indent fixes (OMG SO UGLY), and nuke old RCS keywords.
      Remove redundant composite op reduction, done in Render now.
      Bug #5627: Fix Xprint font symlinking. (TIlman Sauerbeck)
      Coverity #1053: Nuke a dead variable.
      Coverity #337: Remove useless NULL check.
      Coverity #484: Fix an off-by-one in module refcounting.
      Coverity #269: Compare the requested ABI class against the ABI class of the
      Coverity #794: Fix a highly unlikely memory leak.
      Coverity #491: Check version number correctly.
      Coverity #487: Check version number correctly.
      Coverity #490: Fix a range check in xf86vidmode extension.
      Coverity #807: Fix a memory leak in XFixesExpandRegion.
      Coverity #1042, 1043: Nuke some dead variables.
      Bump to requiring fixesproto >= 4.0 and compositeproto >= 0.3.
      Bug #6213: Check geteuid's return value, not its address, otherwise
      Bug #5549: Fix build for sparc64. (Matthieu Herrb)
      dead file removal
      Mark everything in xf86sym.c as _X_EXPORT.
      Remove long-dead screen region code.
      Big old pile of warning fixes.
      Silence some editorializing in the configure help text.
      More warning cleanup.
      Hack around the new screensaver variable for DMX, which is otherwise
      Disable Xprint freetype support momentarily. Needs ttf2pt1.c, which exists
      Fix some includes to point into X11/fonts/ properly.
      Reorder link order for Xdmx to fix new screensaver variable reference
      Bump to
      Coverity #992: Prevent a NULL chase.
      Coverity #986: Prevent a NULL chase.
      Coverity #983: Move some risky debugging code inside #ifdef DEBUG.
      Coverity #833: Fix a rather nasty memory leak.
      Coverity #616: Fix a rare memory leak.
      Coverity #271: Fix an unbelievably boneheaded NULL chase.
      Coverity #82: Dead variable elimination.
      Coverity #75: Dead variable elimination.
      Coverity #38: Dead branch elimination.
      Bug #6346: Build fix when using gcc -mno-sse. (Jonathan Adamczewski)
      Bug #5478: More use of fbSOlidFillmmx. (Jim Huang)
      Bug #4766: Convert all Xprint drivers to fb.
      Bug #2142: Make font path logging more readable. (Eduard Fuchs)
      Bug #4806: Dump the raw EDID contents in hex to the log file for better
      Bug #5300: Fix missing spaces in the Build OS line in the log. (Egmont
      Bug #5729: Convert xf8_16bpp to fb. chips(4) users please test.
      Initial checkin
      Remove cfb16, no longer used.
      missed a line while removing cfb16
      Coverity #1037: Sanity check idx before use.
      Coverity #985: Avoid segfault on malloc failure.
      Coverity #818: Avoid memory leak on error path.
      Coverity #812: Fix parser memory leak.
      Coverity #835: Plug memory leak in extension section parsing.
      Coverity #836: Fix another memory leak.
      Coverity #837: Fix another another memory leak.
      Coverity #838: Plug two more memory leaks.
      Coverity #769: Fix a potential memory leak for systems that allocate on
      Coverity #488: Avoid smashing an array on malformed config files.
      Remove libc wrapper types from Xisb interfaces.
      Bug #6580: Don't install xf86drm.h, that's libdrm's job.
      Coverity #1007: Fix a silly null check.
      Coverity #1005: Avoid a null deref.
      Coverity #1003, #1004: Two more useless null checks.
      Coverity #847, #848, #849: Three more memory leaks.
      Coverity #806: Another memory leak on OOM path.
      Coverity #804: Another leak on OOM path.
      Remove NEED_LINEHELPER BC cruft for pre-R6 DDXes.
      Remove stray mfb/cfb references.
      Redact a few mentions of speedo font support.
      Bug #5209: Re-enable building APM and ACPI support. (Michel Dänzer)
      Revert accidental commit
      Bug #6867: Yet another Render crash fix. (Michel Dänzer)
      Bug #3561: Crash fix in the Record extension. (Paul Anderson)
      Bug #5209: Fix APM/ACPI support, again. (Michel Dänzer, Valery Inozemtsev)
      Bug #6827: Fix texel fetch in fbFetchTransformed to avoid crashes. Still
      Bug #5877: Avoid burning CPU when acpid dies. Require acpid to be running
      Bug #6377: Ignore disabled BARs, and allow matching BARs aligned to less
      file getemptypci.c was initially added on branch server-1_1-branch.
      Bug #4139: Fix a BAR remapping bug that could lead to IERR and system hang.
      Remove dead DPMS timer functions from the installed headers. (Fredrik
      Bug #6924: Restore the ABI for DrawableRec and ColormapRec to the state
      Properly document the DPMS, SyncOnGreen, and TargetRefresh options.
      Bug #5089: Die, libbitmap, die!
      Add bitmap to the ignored module list.
      Remove a stray LBX reference.
      Ensure all *ModuleData symbols are marked _X_EXPORT. Start removing
      Delete a (now misleading) message from the crash handler.
      Add a token for EDID-supplied modes.
      Demolish now-unused loader functions.
      Bug #7121: fix clipboard handling in Xming (Colin Harrison)
      Bug #7120: Multimonitor (non-Xinerama) support for xwin servers.
      Xprint/ -> hw/xprint
      Don't bother building RAC as a module, that's just absurd.
      Another round of loader sense-beating.  Remove the (unused) server export
      Unbreak unbreaking the loader.  Re-add the symbol reference lists so that the
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Drop libz from the server's link line, it was only needed for LBX.
      Add kdrive servers to .gitignore
      Remind dlloader that it needs to search the global scope as well as the
      Switch the default mouse device on Linux to /dev/input/mice.
      PPC64 build fix.
      Fix the Linux ACPI reopen code to use a repeating timer, rather than a
      Remove the DDXTIME conditional, for being unused.
      Remove RCS tags.  Fix Xprint makefile braindamage.
      Detach xf4bpp from cfb.
      Remove the loader's required and referenced symbol lists, dead code.
      Delete internal usage of the symbol ref/req lists.
      Delete some long-unused testing code.
      Remove a useless open() of the module we're about to load.
      Open-coded path checks make baby Jesus cry.
      static markup, more dead code.
      Yet more dead code.
      Remove another latent PowerMAX hunk.
      Remove getconfig horrorshow.  Replace with a static built-in rule list for now.
      Remove dead function prototypes.
      Remove the bc flag from the -help text, since it's gone.
      Remove TargetRefresh option from the autoconfig logic.
      Rename some mode tokens to better reflect their use.
      Fix a mode sanity check to not break reduced-blanking setups (LCDs).
      Fix default mouse device on Linux, again.
      Un-cut-and-paste the mode rejection message.
      Make 'Xvfb -render' also disable Composite, lest we segfault on startup.
      Make sure Composite is never enabled for Xnest.
      Remove calls to LoaderCheckUnresolved(), since it's now a stub.
      Don't translate monitor gamma to X gamma.
      Record the maximum dot clock of the monitor, and filter by it.
      Record all standard timings from EDID as modes, instead of just the first five.
      Allow hsync and vsync ranges to be overridden independently again.
      Enable DPMS by default.
      Fix up EDID blocks where the max pixclock exceeds the preferred mode clock.
      Bump the default pixel depth to 24, and default bpp to 32.
      Publish the raw EDID block as a property on the root window.
      Expand the default sync ranges to be large enough for 800x600@60.
      Load the default module set when no Module section is given in the config.
      Attempt to add the 'mouse' driver in more situations.
      Mark EDID modes as driver modes.  Infer virtual size from driver modes.
      Prefer driver-provided modes when matching name strings to modelines.
      In xf86MatchPciInstances, fail gracefully when there's no PCI device at all.
      Always believe the monitor when it reports a reduced-blanking mode.
      Don't install librac.a.
      Close with Pclose() that which we open with Popen().
      Stop building xorgcfg by default.
      Stop building xorgcfg by default.
      Merge branch 'autoconfig-for-7.2'
      Bug #6786: Use separate defines for server's Fixes support level.
      'make dist' fixes.
      Disable Xprt server build by default.
      Accept EDID > 1.3 but < 2.0 if we find it, assume it's compatible.
      Remove spurious LIBADD from xf4bpp
      Hook up --with-builderstring for vendor build identification.
      Typo fix.
      Don't install libi2c.a
      Static markup and dead code cull over xkb/.
      Static cleanups, dead code deletion.
      Delete a dead file.
      Static and dead code cleanup over afb/
      Un-staticise VTSwitchEnabled, since kbd wants it apparently.
      Static cleanup for xf86 ddx.
      Static and dead code cleanup from mi/
      Static and dead code cleaup for Xext/
      General DIX static and dead code cleanup.
      Static cleanup on Xi/
      Since ddc, i2c, and ramdac are in core now, remove their ModuleData stubs.
      Refuse to create tiny modes from EDID detailed timing.
      Move the XAA private indices to be static.
      Don't write out empty sections from the parser.
      VT activate or waitactive are fatal if they fail.
      Look for the PCI ROM file elsewhere in sysfs.
      Fix a buffer overrun on machines with excessively large PCI busses.
      Disable RANDR's fake Xinerama protocol when there's more than one screen.
      Paper over a crash at exit during GLX teardown.
      Remove old edid_modes.c, it lives in hw/xfree86/modes/ now.
      Fix the 'relink' target for kdrive servers.
      Make the use of ICEIL slightly less ugly.
      Use _X_INLINE instead of ad-hoc #defines.
      Use system copy of cbrt() if available.
      Remove mfb and cfb from include paths where they're not needed.
      Bug #8991: Add glXGetDrawableAttributes dispatch; fix texture format therein.
      Delete VDIF support; it was never used anyway.
      Don't print lack of DRI support as an error in AIGLX init.
      Don't warn about default behaviour when autoconfigging.
      Minor cleanup/robustification to config parsing.
      Remove the old Kerberos 5 authentication code.
      GNU is wrong and ` is not left-quote.
      Make xf86{En,Dis}ableInterrupts no-ops on Linux.
      Add VBE PanelID support.
      Bug #10770: "Inputdevs" isn't a valid config file keyword.
      Fix another usage of MAX_PCI_DEVICES.
      Remove the remnants of OS/2 support.
      Death to RCS tags.
      Make x86emu's I/O cycle tracing more useful.
      Clean up unused #ifdefs from fb.
      Add per-monitor config file option for maximum pixel clock.
      Nuke dead X -configure code.
      Dead ifdefs for BITMAP_SCANLINE_UNIT == 64
      Remove MEMDEBUG
      Delete dead module test code.
      Remove dead code for screen crossing.
      Always normalize the module name.
      Remove (long-)deprecated xf86EnablePciBusMaster.
      Delete some pre-dlloader debugging scaffolding.
      Refactor how Composite adds visuals to the screen.
      Partial redundancy elimination in PropertyNotify generation.
      libconfig shouldn't be an installed library.
      exaGetPixmapFirstPixel: avoid framebuffer readbacks if possible.
      Remove all trace of Option "BiosLocation".
      ReduceCompositeOp returns a Render op, not a boolean.
      Fix an error message to not point to @xfree86.org.
      Implement core protocol backing store exclusively in terms of Composite.
      Refactor PictureInitIndexedFormats.
      [RANDR] Don't mark Xinerama as active if no crtcs are enabled. (bug #11504).
      Ignore - not just block - SIGALRM around Popen()/Pclose().
      Enable MIT-SHM in Xdmx.
      Move SIGUSR1 notification as late as possible.
      Fix accidental ABI usage in RANDR 1.2 drivers.
      Avoid PS/2 protocol probing for /dev/input/mice
      Disable explicit commenting in Monitor section.
      Fix magic number in fbdevhw
      Don't filter modes away during VBE mode list construction.
      Restore build of xf8_16bpp.
      Export the server ABI versions from xorg-server.pc
      Don't sleep(1) at server exit.
      Add -pogo option for init/teardown performance testing.
      Start 1.4.99
      Don't sleep(1) at exit on any platform.
      Eliminate some redundancy in autoconfiguration.
      Clean up some garbage in driver enumeration.
      Nuke the debugging allocator.
      Delete some dead code in X -configure.
      Simplify system resource range setup.
      Allocate RRCrtcRecs with calloc.
      Small static cleanups on dix/
      Bug #1612: Use a stronger PRNG.
      Disinfect mi/ of mfb.
      Bug #9725: Don't look in root's $HOME for config files, that's just confusing.
      Document the requirement for interleaved code and declarations.
      Bump DEFAULT_DPI to 96.
      Allow Virtual to be specified globally in the Screen section.
      RANDR 1.2: Only enable unknown outputs if there are no connected outputs.
      Clean up many #if 0.
      Fix swapped Xv dispatch under Xinerama.
      Death to libcwrapper.
      xf86getpagesize -> getpagesize elsewhere in os-support/
      Restore xf86getsecs() as not having an ANSI equivalent.
      Clean up some #if 0.
      Explain a confusing #ifdef.
      Add infrastructure for validating modes by memory bandwidth.
      Correct the documentation comments in xf86Modes.c
      Reference cvt and gtf in the xorg.conf man page.
      Report serverClient resources in the X-Resource extension.
      Add HDMI and DisplayPort connector types.
      EDID 1.4: Allow for sync range offsets.
      EDID 1.4: Trivial support for new detailed sections.
      EDID 1.4: Decode CVT 3-byte codes and add them to the mode pool.
      EDID 1.4: Extended support for digital interfaces.
      EDID 1.4: Additional aspect ratio semantics for screen size fields.
      EDID 1.4: Allow for gamma definition in extension blocks.
      EDID 1.4: Alternate color encodings for digital inputs.
      EDID 1.4: Additional semantics for display feature bits.
      Check the gamma value, not its address.
      Don't carp on EDID 1.4 blocks anymore.
      EDID 1.4: First detailed mode is always preferred.
      EDID 1.4: If given a native pixel format, use it when inferring virtual.
      CVE-2007-6429: Don't spuriously reject <8bpp shm pixmaps.
      There is no such thing as /dev/cpu/mtrr.
      Rip out useless indirection in the callback list management.
      Disable Record by default.
      Simplify critical output flushing.
      Remove some MAX* #defines that never get used.
      Redact all mention of PanoramiX from user strings.
      requestingClient is an xprintism, hide it for other servers.
      Silence the harmless FreeFontPath error message.
      X.Org Group -> X.Org Foundation
      Silence FreeResource()
      Silence an error message in ConfigureWindow that never happens.
      Use strerror instead of errno values in user strings.
      Remove useless commentary from environment and argument processing.
      Don't even attempt to parse -bpp in xfree86 DDX option parsing.
      Don't bother warning people about the keyboard driver rename, just do it.
      Eradicate the VTInit code.
      Friends don't let friends call xf86AddModuleInfo.
      Remove some braindamage from ModuleDesc.
      Simplify dlloader a bit more.
      Silence useless debug spew from XFree86-Misc extension.
      Bah, macros are hard.
      Fix Xinerama's consolidated visual handling.
      fbFillRegionTiled() is now dead code.
      Normalize swapped dispatch for Fixes{ChangeSaveSet,SelectSelectionInput}
      Match Xephyr DRI definitions to the ones in xf86dri.h
      s/via/openchrome/ in the autoconfig logic.
      Use the client-side XKB headers for the config utilities
      Bug #13736: Fix %bx in VBEGetPixelClock to match spec.
      Add several comments documenting our EDID failures.
      Allow xf86DuplicateMode() to work correctly on read-only modes.
      Remove some #if 0 guarding code duplicated in xf86Modes.c
      Clean up DisplayModeRec handling in many places.
      Constify the built-in mode tables.
      Remove the duplicate copy of xf86cvt.c
      Add xf86GTFMode().
      Nuke a duplicate SYMFUNC(xf86CVTMode)
      Fix CVT abuse in DDCModesFromStandardTiming.
      EDID 1.4: Decode additional CVT support information.
      EDID 1.4: Print additional CVT support data in the log.
      On second thought, revert that, it'll make large pixmaps painfully slow.
      1.5 has branched, start 1.5.99.x.
      xf86DDCMonitorSet: Honor the DisplaySize from the config file.
      Fix Motif menu drawing in Xnest.
      RANDR 1.2: Inherit PreferredMode from the global configuration, if any.
      Remove all mention of the vga driver from the config logic.
      Make xf86InitialConfiguration slightly smarter.
      Fix distcheck.
      Fix segfault when a monitor exists but has no modes.
      Size xf86DefaultModes explicitly.
      Bug #14927: Fix the math for xf86NumDefaultModes.
      Add the "amd" driver to magic driver selection.
      RANDR 1.2: Don't report a square resolution to RANDR 1.1 clients.
      RANDR 1.2: Fix the RANDR 1.1 screen size estimation to approach reality.
      RANDR 1.2: Fix initial mode aspect ratio match in a corner case.
      Fix a stray use of ALLOCATE_LOCAL.
      Bug #13962: Re-arm the DPMS timer when re-enabling DPMS.
      Bug #11508: Fix build without XV.
      Bug #11510: Fix build without RECORD.
      Fix that last commit.
      Start E-EDID support in the DDC module.
      Refactor DDC2 code to allow for proper segmented addressing.
      Add E-EDID segment selection.
      Compile fix.
      Fix PCI config space cycles from int10 emulator.
      Add doltcompile to .gitignore
      So long, and thanks for all the cfb.
      Stop building mfb/afb/xf1bpp by default.
      Death to Extended Visual Information.
      Death to APPGROUP.
      Finish deleting EVI
      Remove appgroup mentions from configure.ac
      Death to TOG-CUP.
      Remove fbpseudocolor
      Bug #13104: Don't let XAA glyph pixmaps anywhere near video memory.
      Bug #13104: XAA: Adapt to glyph storage changes.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Bug #13104: Remove broken XAA a1 glyph fast path.
      Delete all DDXes besides xprint.

Adam Tkac (1):
      Fix Xvfb input when building against current X sources.

Ademar de Souza Reis Jr (2):
      Add xorg.conf man section about catalogue:<dir> FPE
      Add Xserver man section about catalogue:<dir> FPE

Alan Coopersmith (278):
      [fd.o bugzilla #189] _XOPEN_SOURCE defines break builds on Solaris Express
      Sun cc on Solaris x86 defines __i386 but not __i386__ so the x86
      Additional fixes to allow building with Sun compilers on Solaris x86
      Add the .stab.indexstr section produced by Sun's compilers to the list of
      Enable inlining of assembly functions for inX/outX on Solaris 8 with Sun
      file solaris-ia32.S was initially added on branch XORG-CURRENT.
      21. X server crashes when X-Resource has to byte-swap. Sun bug #5007488.
      24. Update license for Xinerama code from DEC to the version requested by
      29. XkbWriteRulesProp fails if XkbRulesFile is NULL. Bug #376. (Alan
      xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/os-support/sunos/sun_mouse.c Solaris mouse
      Bugzilla #495: LocalClientCred should use getpeerucred on Solaris 10
      getconfig: file '/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/getconfig/xorg.cfg' has bad signature
      Manual page X(7) does not reference Xprt(1x), xplsprinters(1x), etc.
      Add GLX_ALIAS_VOID for GLX_ALIAS of functions with return type void to fix
      Fix typo in debug message in MakeAllCLTSServerListeners
      Fix shared reqs for Xlibi18n, Xaw6 & Xmu for Solaris
      Don't enable speedo & type1 modules if they're not being built
      Don't define _XOPEN_SOURCE before including math.h on Solaris - it's not
      Allow overriding DPMS defaults (timeouts & default for on/off) from
      Make xorgconfig ask again instead of giving up and throwing away all your
      Add -d flag for compilers like the Sun C compilers that produce dependency
      Fix typos in output file. (Bugzilla #1849, reported by Yi Ren-Chen)
      Bug #2123 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2123> Attachment
      Bugzilla #2211 (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2211)
      Fix debugging ErrorF() so it compiles when DEBUG is true.
      Update to latest rev from http://pciids.sf.net/
      //bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1692> Remove reference to
      Work around clash between Solaris headers and module loader headers over
      Clean up formatting, projectroot substutition, and grammatical nits.
      Change return statements to fix compiler errors: "fbcompose.c", line 2815:
      Initial experimental support for AMD64 builds on Solaris 10 x86. Improved
      Bugzilla #2800 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2800> Xevie
      Change hardcoded /usr/X11R6 to PROJECTROOT. Change hardcoded XF86Config to
      Solaris VUID mouse protocol updates:
      Need to set initial screen size at device open time too.
      Add agpgart support for Solaris x86/x64. [Requires Solaris "Nevada" build
      Update to latest snapshot (27-May-2005) from http://pciids.sf.net/
      Fix builds on non-GLIBC systems (missing __GLIBC_PREREQ). Add Solaris stack
      Remove Speedo font module documentation.
      Bug #2901 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2901> Patch #2325
      Bug #2901 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2901> Fix warnings
      Bug #2901 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2901> Patch #2332
      Bug #2901 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2901> Add prototype
      More compiler warning fixes for missing prototypes:
      Bug #3740 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3740> Patch #3058
      Fix scanpci -v core dump when subsys vendor/device id's are NOVENDOR &
      - Use fbdevhwstub.c if <linux/fb.h> is not found
      Merge SVR4/pre-Solaris 8 and Solaris 8+ sections for greater consistency,
      First pass at Solaris os-support
      Add partial in*/out* assembly support for Sun compilers on x86
      Update to match recent changes to pci.ids & extrapci.ids for people
      Only pass -rdynamic when using gcc
      Update build instructions. Add details about how the expat, fontconfig,
      Mark variables modified in signal handlers as volatile (part of Sun bug id
      Set GLX automake conditional after we've tested for mesa source and set GLX
      Change #include "X.h" to <X11/X.h>
      Add xf86DeallocateGARTMemory stub so that Xorg can be built on Solaris
      Rework wrapping of common mouse driver to not require mousePriv.h, so that
      If neither --enable-dmx or --disable-dmx are specified, default to "yes" on
      Need to define SVR4 on SVR4-ish systems since many headers and source files
      Clear compiler warnings. (Stefan Dirsch)
      Bugzilla #3566 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3566> Patch
      Fix Solaris assembly source to work with libtool
      Set OSNAME for "Build Operating System" line in Xorg log
      Add check for walkcontext() to enable stack trace dumper on Solaris
      Only build ix86Pci.c on x86 & amd64 platforms Set DEFAULT_INT10 to x86emu
      Fix inline assembly versions of in*/out* for Sun compilers Add check for
      Fix 32-bit vs. 64-bit test for Solaris
      Solaris build fixes needed for modular builds
      Merge in patch release RC handling code from 6.8.2 (Kevin Martin)
      Fix endian test to work on big-endian platforms correctly
      Add checks for functions used in os/access.c & os/connection.c:
      //bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3950> Xorg prints version numbers in
      Fix segfault when "kbd" fails to load and "keyboard" driver is not
      Add LintTarget()
      Oops, forgot a file in earlier Solaris kbd commit
      Add AC_SYS_LARGEFILE to match flags used in monolith
      Set ZAxisMapping default to "4 5 6 7".
      2005-08-15 Alan Coopersmith <alan.coopersmith@sun.co>m
      Add xf86Sbus.h to EXTRA_DIST files (bugzilla #4128)
      //bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2901> Patch #2331
      Replace gnu-makeism with portable rules
      More updates for Panoramix -> Xinerama rename
      If MAKE_XKM_OUTPUT_DIR is defined, call trans_mkdir to create directory if
      User message cleanups/updates for modern configurations.
      Rename app-defaults entries from xf86cfg to xorgcfg to match name passed to
      Check for getconfig in GETCONFIG_DIR if it's not found in module dir.
      Display more friendly mouse protocol names. Enable mouse wheel mapping by
      Don't try to build dmx/input/lnx-*.c if <linux/keyboard.h> isn't found
      Fill in xf86DeallocateGARTMemory stub based on lnx_agp.c version. Add
      Use system curses library on Solaris for xorgcfg text mode.
      Save keyboard LED state on startup and restore on exit so text console mode
      Use macros from xtrans.m4, issue error if not found.
      #include "xf86Axp.h" -> "shared/xf86Axp.h" for modular build. (Stefaan De
      Update to latest version from pciids.sf.net
      Linux/Alpha support (Stefaan De Roeck)
      Add --disable-install-setuid option so you can build as non-root and
      Update CVS project tag & notice about pci.ids license in output .h.
      Sun bug #6321613
      Add scanpci, xorgcfg, & xorgconfig utilities.
      Add SecurityPolicy file for XCSECURITY extension.
      alanc@alf:/export/alanc/X.org/head/cvs-rw/xc [7:40pm - 628] head -14
      Take care of more files from monolith's Xserver/hw/xfree86/etc dir:
      Add __SVR4 #ifdefs to work in non-Imake builds.
      Add kbd_mode build system
      Man page processing/installation and other doc file updates
      Adding more doc files & fbdevhw man page
      Oops - fix build/install of fbdevhw.man
      Add hw/xfree86/getconfig
      Fix typo in MAN_SRCS (Dawid Gajownik)
      Bug #1465 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1465>
      Add missing ] (Dawid Gajownik)
      Whoops, need to be in DIST_SUBDIRS too.
      Bug #3815 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3815> Patch #3463
      Add gtf to xserver/xorg/hw/xfree86/utils
      Add #include <xorg-config.h> for modular build
      Make Xorg -config stop lying to people and claiming it doesn't exist when
      Xnest depends on xdmcp & xau modules too
      Xdmx & Xprint also need xau & xdmcp module dependencies
      Fix the rest of the XFree86 DDX options that require an argument to say so
      Add missing $(DESTDIR) to custom install target
      Update to 2005-10-05 snapshot from pciids.sf.net (includes a couple new
      Sun bug #6326551: xkbSetDetectableAutoRepeat broken when using XEvIE
      Don't build "ev" example on systems without <linux/input.h>
      App-defaults file not supposed to have .ad suffix when installed Fix cpp
      cpp processing for Xvfb man page
      Bug #4715 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4715> Add
      Bug #3254 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3254> Make sure
      missed ChangeLog entry for previous commit
      AC_SUBST VENDOR_STRING & VENDOR_RELEASE for xorgcfg's app-defaults file
      Set substitutions needed in xorgconfig man page.
      Remove reference to XF86config-4. Add xorgcfg(1) to See Also list.
      Install Xorg & xorg.conf man pages even when not building docs
      Set default font path to match the default in the monolith so fonts are
      Link Xprint config directories in $(C_LOCALE) list to C locale dir, not
      Change default install dir for app-default files from
      Don't use $< in explicit rules since neither BSD nor Solaris make allow
      Improved stack trace dump code for Solaris - try fork & exec of pstack
      Make X -> Xorg symlink at install time.
      Use APP_MAN_SUFFIX for Xserver man page instead of hardcoding section 1
      Bug #4948: <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4948> Incorrect
      Don't reference noXkbExtension when building without XKB. (Bob Terek - Sun
      use RGB_DB not RGB_PATH as that's what configure defines (Jürg Billeter
      Bug #5019 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5019> xserver
      Default xkb-output directory needs trailing slash.
      Add xext to list of modules xorgcfg depends on.
      Make sure XKM_OUTPUT_DIR (used in code) ends in / (so paths don't get hosed
      Change *mandir targets to use new *_MAN_DIR variables set by xorg-macros.m4
      Bugzilla #4809 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4809> Patch
      Bugzilla #5219 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5219> Make
      Bugzilla #4715 <https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4715> Files in
      Remove unnecessary include of dgaproc.h that broke Solaris builds.
      Update to 2005-12-14 snapshot from pciids.sf.net
      Fix typos.
      Change list of X server man pages in "See Also" section to list the ones
      <sys/limits.h> -> <limits.h> so we can compile on non-BSD OS'es
      Add <string.h>, <stdlib.h>, and <stdio.h> to clear undefined function
      Typo fixes (Nicholas Joly, XFree86 bugzilla #1658)
      Pass sizeof the correct buffer to XmuSnprintf. (Coverity #489)
      Add HAS_MMAP for Xvfb
      Fix buffer size checks to prevent 2-byte buffer overflows. (Coverity #480,
      Add ast driver/pci id (Carl Switzky, Sun Microsystems)
      Use min() [defined in include/misc.h] instead of MIN() [not defined in any
      Fix Solaris build with Sun compilers to work when exa is built before
      Make Xephyr build on Solaris:
      Update to 2006-05-19 snapshot
      Add AC_SUBST([SOLARIS_ASM_CFLAGS]) that I forgot when splitting them out of
      Tell git to ignore emacs *~ droppings and git .msg files
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Delete code that's been inside #if 0 since X11R6.7.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Don't add -ldl to XORG_LIBS if it's not needed for dlopen
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Move Xserver API for security extension to securitysrv.h
      Move Xserver API for security extension to securitysrv.h
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Add X-ACE to build system
      Move Xserver internal API for appgroup from Xagsrv.h to appgroup.h
      Correct ifdef - should be XACE, not XCSECURITY
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Correct ifdef - should be XACE, not XSECURITY
      APPGROUP requires both X-ACE & XC-SECURITY now
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Use XACE, not XCSECURITY to decide if SecurityLookup* are exported
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver into XACE-modular
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver into XACE-modular
      Add LOCALCONN to dix-config.h template for xtrans
      Add (void) casts to clear compiler errors about ?: results having type mismatch
      Don't insert RCS tag into generated pci id header files
      Update pci.ids to Tue 2006-10-03 daily snapshot
      Merge branch 'XACE-modular'
      Use bash on Solaris to run symlink-mesa.sh
      Make sure xorgcfg files are included even when dist made with --disable-xorgcfg
      Use getisax() instead of asm code to determine available x86 ISA extensions on Solaris
      Pre-release message should tell users to check git, not CVS, for updates
      Make sure xorgcfg files are included even when dist made with --disable-xorgcfg
      Use getisax() instead of asm code to determine available x86 ISA extensions on Solaris
      Pre-release message should tell users to check git, not CVS, for updates
      Make _POSIX_C_SOURCE hack work with Solaris headers
      Fix automake error: BUILT_SOURCES was defined multiple times on Solaris
      Propogate $LIBS for xtrans, clock_gettime, libm, etc. to libs used for each server
      Bug #1997: AUDIT messages should contain uid for local accesses
      If getpeerucred() is available, include pid & zoneid in audit messages too
      PostSyntheticMotion needs to be extern, not static, since it's in getevents.c
      sun_bell.c needs to #include "xf86_OSlib.h"
      Remove references to xf86Info.kbd* from solaris code
      Convert Xprt DDX to new motion history api
      Add DTrace probe points for X server <-> client communications
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Correct symlink-mesa.sh usage message
      Tell automake to STFU about the *.O files
      Make solaris version of xf86OSRingBell return void like other OS'es
      Fix syntax error in configure check for SYSV_IPC that broke with Sun cc
      Check for __sparc as well as __sparc__ for compatibility with Sun cc
      Update pci.ids to 2006-12-06 from pciids.sf.net
      Xorg & Xserver man page updates for 1.2 release
      xorg.conf man page should say "XFree86-DGA", not "Xorg-DGA"
      Make GLX byteswap macros more portable
      Use PKG_CHECK_EXISTS(libdrm) to determine if DRI should be enabled on Solaris
      Always include compiler.h in cfbmskbits.h instead of checking #ifdef XFREE86
      Xserver man page: remove bc, add -wr
      Make xf1bpp build correctly with compilers that don't support -include
      Update pci.ids to 2007-01-18 snapshot
      Update Xserver man page to match commit ed33c7c98ad0c542e9e2dd6caa3f84879c21dd61
      Correct variable descriptions in comment for SecurityCheckResourceIDAccess
      Correct help lines for configure's --with-vendor-name flags
      Plug memory leak in doLoadModule()
      Fix bus error on startup in 64-bit Xephyr
      Update Xvfb man page: remove monolith build instructions, use /var/tmp instead of /usr/tmp
      Move SecurityPolicy file format from Xserver(1) to it's own man page
      Sun bug 6529003: Xorg should not be including <sys/immu.h> on Solaris
      Define XF86PM on Solaris x86 builds now that we have sun_apm.c
      Include module name in "already built-in" message
      Split checks for dtrace & getpeerucred()
      "fbpict.c", line 215: void function cannot return value
      Make SOLARIS_INOUT_ARCH substitutions work better with automake-1.10
      Use kbd driver when xorg.conf specifies "keyboard" or "Keyboard" (bug #11301)
      Add __SOL8__ to xorg-server.h.in since xf86-input-kbd needs it to build
      Use %S instead of %s for strftime seconds when printing build time
      Update pci.ids to 2007-07-16 snapshot
      Include comment/copyright/license for AC_DEFINE_DIR in acinclude.m4
      xorgcfg needs PIXMAN_CFLAGS in order to build libc_wrapper.c
      Only use evdev drivers in Xephyr #ifdef linux
      Correct XErrorDB path and make it configurable (used by DTrace support)
      Update pci.ids to 2007-08-15 snapshot
      Actually build Secure RPC authentication support (missed in modularization)
      Remove unused pciAddrHostToBus functions from ix86Pci.c
      Fix PCI rework build on Solaris (copy what BSD does)
      xorgcfg needs $(DIX_CFLAGS) for pixman-1 include path
      Rework local client id finding code to be more uniform
      Sun bug 6589829: include zoneid of shm segment in access policy for MIT-SHM
      Enable use of /dev/urandom on Solaris as well
      Restore checks for __i386 where needed for Sun compilers on Solaris
      Use _X_EXPORT instead of __attribute__((visibility("default")))
      Use pkg-config to get -I, -L & -R flags needed for OpenSSL
      xf86getpagesize() -> getpagesize() in os-support/solaris/sun_bios.c
      Check for <sys/sdt.h> as well when determining to enable dtrace probes
      Restore include & typedef needed by dtrace
      Fix names/types of new vuidMouse{Get,Set}ScreenPrivates macros
      Add dixAllocatePrivate stub to dummylib for utils
      X.Org bug 4947/Sun bug 6646626: Xv extension not byte-swapping properly
      Kill xf86getpagesize even harder (dummylib & ioport)
      Fix reference to old versions of XFree86 to not say "Xorg 4.2 or earlier"
      More Xv extension byte swapping fixes
      Make sure SIOGLIFCONF buffer is properly aligned for socket structures
      Xevie cleanups, byteswapping fixes & request length check fixes
      Make Xevie private symbol names less generic
      Update ac_define_dir macro in acinclude.m4 to 2008-04-12 version
      Bug 14247: If pkg-config can't find openssl.pc, just link with -lcrypto
      Allow using libmd instead of libcrypto for SHA1 hashing in render/glyph.c
      Return a valid X error when stuck in font alias loop
      Move Xprt server docs from xorg-docs module

Alan Hourihane (81):
      DRI merge
      reversed a tag accidentally - put it back.
      Add PCMCIA server for HP VGA Out PC Card and the Voyager VGA Card. Use on
      add missing pieces for the pcmcia driver
      fix ifdef->if
      wrap some stuff around #ifdef TOUCHSCREEN
      fix some warnings due to new shadow code
      Add RandR support to the Kdrive pcmcia driver.
      441. Import Mesa-4.0.4, and resync with the DRI trunk (DRI Project).
      import latest pci.ids file
      update static file from pci.ids
      add missing PictureTransformPoint3d call
      Egbert's 64bit fixes for mixed 32/64bit clients
      programs/Xserver/GL/windows/glwrap.c Wrap PointParameteriNV &
      programs/Xserver/hw/xwin/winmultiwindowshape.c Fix off by one error (Colin
      fix typo
      put back some agp related allocation messages
      programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/common/xf86RandR.c Use PointerMoved instead of
      update the last RandR fix
      another update to the RandR fix (thanks Aaron)
      a furthur tweak to the randr cursor position fix
      rework that again
      don't move x or y depending on the screen size change
      check randrp has been initialized
      fix a typo
      missed commit
      remove unneeded line of code
      remove reference to non-existent agpgart.h
      build fix on alpha
      add randrstr.h to sdk_HEADERS
      add damage.h & damagestr.h to SDK headers
      #include "gcstruct.h"
      wrap with if XORG / endif
      Commit slight variation of bug #5460 which is the merge of the new shadow
      Commit #4633 - Initial mouse pointer incorrect with EXA which also fixes
      Allow current trunk to build against Mesa trunk
      add changelog for i810 updates
      remove that, and will put it in a i810 driver specific Changelog
      update pci ids
      Add a new function RRGetRotation() which does exactly the same thing as
      Bump shadow module version number to 1.1.0 from 1.0.0
      https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5138 Check for NULL pointer
      https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4538 Fix mouse button release
      https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4341 Make Xming error messages
      Fix a server crash due to memsetting beyond allocated memory when running
      Fix bug #7280, round title corner background
      Fix bug #7281, clipboard viewer should not
      Fix bug #7302, make Xn.hosts work from the
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Fix bug #5735, Serious flaw in CygwinX clipboard
      Fix typo
      Apply patch in bug #7919, blit improvements in
      Block IO on switchmode just as we do for VT switching
      Small modification to blocking signals when switching modes.
      Small modification to blocking signals when switching modes.
      Shutdown input devices if FatalError occurs during startup.
      Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
      Issue CloseDownDevices() in os/log.c and remove from dix/main.c.
      Fix Tooltip from minimized clients
      Fix Xming fails to use xkb bug
      Fix bad commit
      Set Int10Current->Tag for the linux native int10 module
      lnx_ev56.c has to be built with -mcpu=ev56. Fix it.
      Remove array_cache for recent Mesa changes
      remove file
      clean up more of the vbo fallout
      Set pScreen on context
      Fix mode validation against the maximum X/Y values configured
      Fix <pixman.h> include to <pixman/pixman.h>
      Allow yres_virtual to be greater for some kernel fbdev drivers.
      Fix Xdmx build
      EXA: Don't crash in ExaCheckPolyArc.
      Fix bug #12286
      Add the FB_ACCESS_WRAPPER checks
      Fix walking of GLX providers.
      Fix Line drawing with CapNotLast set in PolySegment.
      Fix context sharing between direct/indirect contexts
      More checking for failed contexts/drawables

Alberto Mardegan (1):
      Bug #6620: Fixed a missing 'else' in ATIPseudoDMAInit().

Alex Deucher (11):
      - enable maven support for TV detection, DPMS, and DDC on crtc2 on G400
      - Add interlaced support to S3 driver (bug 332, Leo Savernik)
      - Add new Radeon pci ids (ATI devrel), bug 2827
      - Fix Support for Philips FM1236/F tuner on ATI AIW 9600 XT (Jeff Smith)
      move intel crtc xv clipping helper to the xserver
      add xf86_crtc_clip_video_helper to xf86sym.c
      Add _X_EXPORT to exported functions in hw/xfree86/modes/*
      Revert "Fix possible crash if Xv window is outside of either crtc"
      Document xf86_crtc_clip_video_helper better.
      Fix potential crasher in xf86CrtcRotate()
      Revert "Fix RandR 1.2 driver interface conversion of two colour cursors to ARGB"

Alexander Gottwald (115):
      file winpriv.h was initially added on branch CYGWIN.
      file winpriv.c was initially added on branch CYGWIN.
      file glwindows.h was initially added on branch CYGWIN.
      file winmessages.h was initially added on branch CYGWIN.
      file ChangeLog was initially added on branch CYGWIN.
      file ChangeLog was initially added on branch CYGWIN.
      Bug 777: Merge from CYGWIN branch
      Bug 782: Merge native OpenGL for Windows from CYGWIN branch
      Bug 778: add ddxBeforeReset

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