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uscan, watchfiles and multiple tarballs


with v3 source packages being accepted into the archive I started
looking at how I could split up the x11-apps and friends tarballs by
shipping the tarballs from upstream directly, and I'm trying to get
uscan to download them for me.

Basically I have tarballs for bitmap, oclock and friends at
http://xorg.freedesktop.org/releases/individual/app/ each with its
version number, and I'd like to get, say,

This would mean that there's no direct mapping from the debian package
version (in debian/changelog) from/to each upstream tarball version (in
foo/configure), and I can't seem to make that work with uscan (I can
make it download the tarballs[1], just not rename them as I'd like).  I'd
welcome any suggestions (explaining why I'm insane works, too)…


[1] using something like this in debian/rules:
uscan --no-conf --download --no-symlink --destdir . --package $* --upstream-version $(shell awk -F = '/^PACKAGE_VERSION=/ { print $$2 }' < $*/configure ) --watchfile debian/watch.$* || test $$? = 1

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