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Bug#555989: libxvmc: New upstream version

Trafire Arcanegrin wrote:
> Package: libxvmc
> Version: 1:1.0.4-2
> Severity: wishlist
> Hello,
> Upstream has released 1.0.5.
> Please consider update it. :-)

You have to stop reporting dozens of useless bugs like this.
First, we are subscribed to upstream announces, so we know we have some
packages to update.
Second, nobody cares about the actual version of such libs and protos
anyway (I am pretty sure you have no idea what most of these packages
are used for), people only care about drivers and the server (and some
of these are not so outdated actually).
Third, some of these updates are already packaged in experimental, for
instance x11proto-xext. So now please reply to all these bugs and close
them with the appropriate package version.
And finally, if you look at http://www.corsac.net/?rub=blog&post=1461
you'll see that nobody has time to work on X packages these days. So
having bad users generate useless work like this is certainly not a good
way to motivate current maintainers or attract new maintainers.


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