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Bug#551330: same here

Christophe Lohr a écrit :
> The mouse cursor comes back after a keystroke.
> Open an application able to consume key events (e.g. xterm). Hit a key.
> Your mouse is back.

Please note that the mouse has to be into the text area where you type

Here is a script executed at startup of my gnome session that
re-activates the mouse cursor:

    sleep 5
    zenity --title=Cursor --entry --text Cursror &
    sleep 2
    WID=`xdotool search --title Cursor`
    xdotool windowactivate $WID
    eval `xwininfo -id $WID | sed -n -e 's,^.*Absolute upper-left \(.\):
    xdotool mousemove $((PosX+40)) $((PosY+40))
    xdotool type Cursor
    xdotool key Return


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