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evtouch 0.8.8, xserver-xorg-input-evtouch (0.8.8-1) feature requests

Dear Sirs,

I had lately the luckily opportunity to use the evtouch 0.8.7. driver in pure lenny environment, with a extremly cheap LG flatron L1730SF device. And its working, and thank you, All, for that driver! My observations/request pointing to that 0.8.7. version, and sorry for your time, if such improvements was yet made (which i couldnt recall from the changelogs)!

1. Calibration vs rotate/swap
Those functions (rotate/swap) are very handy i think, but when doing some calibration stuff (xorgconf calibrate 1) these options are ignored, and therefore the calibration values are completely wrong. And calibration importance grows, when talking from low end touch-panels :)

2. Calibration vs bad quality touch panels
Ive seen so around 5 lg touchscreen devices already(...which i had to calibrate intuitivelly), and ive came to the unproofed experience, that these touch-panels are extreme bad quality near (so around in a 1anhalf cm band - the panels are 17") the edges/corners. So i think it ll make sense, move the test points more near to the center a bit(lets say 1cm/2cm each), or add 8 another test points 1cm/2cm nearer from the "outern" points building an "inner" circle. With one of these modifications the calibration can effect a more powerfull precision.

Naturally the calibration binary is not really debian-friendly, and after every restart/reboot there can be some suprise with the /dev/input/eventX device-name, but i saw modifications in newer versions(subject) into such directions.

Thank you for your work very much in the name of the evtouch users.

best wishes,

ps.: sorry for my english, hope its understandable.

Nagy Márton
Subsystem Kft.

+36 70 451 3520
+36 70 932 2951

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