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libpciaccess: Changes to 'refs/tags/libpciaccess-0.10.9-1'

Tag 'libpciaccess-0.10.9-1' created by Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org> at 2009-09-28 16:31 +0000

Tagging upload of libpciaccess 0.10.9-1 to unstable.

Changes since libpciaccess-0.10.6-2:
Aaron Plattner (1):
      Don't try to write boot_vga since that fails with EACCES

Dave Airlie (24):
      pciaccess: provide a method to detect if a device is boot VGA
      vgaarb: fixup api and decode rsrc.
      add support for finding if something has a kernel driver
      vgaarb: fixup api for new count reporting + decodes interface was wrong.
      Merge remote branch 'main/master' into vga-arbiter
      vgaarb: clean up debug output
      vgaarb: add support for targetting default device
      vgaarb: change API to target taking a device + lock/unlock not taking one
      vgaarb: more api changes + cleanup
      vgaarb: add vga count + resource accessor
      pciaccess: make linux rom reading fallback optional
      pciaccess: make linux rom reading fallback optional
      Merge branch 'master' into vga-arbiter
      pciaccess: make linux rom reading fallback optional
      Merge branch 'master' into vga-arbiter
      Merge remote branch 'origin/vga-arbiter'
      Revert "vgaarb: delete stub functions"
      vgaarb: update stub interface
      Merge branch 'vga'
      libpciaccess: bump to 0.10.7 for vga arb interface addition
      pciaccess: bump to 0.10.8
      vgaarb: check pci_sys exists before initing vga arb
      libpciaccess 0.10.9
      shutup stupid gcc warning, strtok_r ignores the first parameter

Jesse Barnes (1):
      Don't try to use bogus bridge data

Julien Cristau (10):
      configure.ac: fix help text for the linux-rom-fallback option
      Silence compiler warning about pci_id_file_open definition
      Merge tag 'libpciaccess-0.10.8' into debian-unstable
      Bump changelogs
      Refresh pciaccess-hurd-hack.diff.
      Update shlibs and symbols file.
      Fix typo
      Merge tag 'libpciaccess-0.10.9' into debian-unstable
      Bump changelogs
      Prepare changelog for upload

Keith Packard (1):
      Free return value from scandir instead of leaking it.

Thomas Klausner (1):
      pciaccess: fix vga arb stubs

Tiago Vignatti (13):
      Import libvgaaccess (VGA Arbiter) implementation from C3SL repository:
      vgaarb: make it compile.
      vgaarb: a bunch of clean ups to fit in libpciaccess style.
      Delete vga_arb_rec.
      Fix typo in vgaarb stubs.
      Reorganize the code.
      Comment typo.
      vgaarb: delete stub functions
      vgaarb: fix indentation and remove trailing white spaces
      vgaarb: fix pci_device_vgaarb_get_info() return value.
      Revert "vgaarb: fix pci_device_vgaarb_get_info() return value."
      vgaarb: check for fd before close it
      vgaarb: fix newbie typo

 ChangeLog                               |  354 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 configure.ac                            |   10 
 debian/changelog                        |    8 
 debian/libpciaccess0.shlibs             |    1 
 debian/libpciaccess0.symbols            |   10 
 debian/patches/pciaccess-hurd-hack.diff |   10 
 debian/rules                            |    2 
 include/pciaccess.h                     |   58 +++++
 src/Makefile.am                         |    9 
 src/common_bridge.c                     |    4 
 src/common_device_name.c                |    2 
 src/common_interface.c                  |   29 ++
 src/common_vgaarb.c                     |  331 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 src/common_vgaarb_stub.c                |   79 +++++++
 src/linux_sysfs.c                       |   61 +++++
 src/pciaccess_private.h                 |    6 
 16 files changed, 964 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

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