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Bug#541160: #541160 xterm: heap corruption when changing window size

Hi Thomas,

> This one is hard to reproduce (here).  valgrind is not showing me any
> problems as I resize the screen in various ways.
> There are several special cases in the resizing logic, depending on
> resource-settings, as well as the amount of text that has been scrolled
> off onto the saved-lines buffer.
> More details would be helpful...

while Julien has uploaded a new xterm package with fifo-lines disabled,
I can still help debugging the actual problem if this is desired. I
can reliably reproduce the problem with an empty (i.e. freshly started)
xterm with a bare prompt - once the buffer is full I can no longer make
it crash. My .Xresources only contains modifications to the font settings.

I'll do a few valgrind runs myself and report back.



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