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status of the 7.4 transition


now that (almost) all drivers have been rebuilt, I'd like to get an
overview of where we stand with regards to testing migration.  This
means two things: dependencies on non-xorg stuff that has to migrate
first, and blocker bugs in our packages.

On the first point, the deps I know of are linux-2.6 and console-setup.
The former has been recently fixed to build on all architectures, so
should hopefully be able to migrate soon enough.  The latter needs some
aging, but has no outstanding issues afaik.

On the second point I'm not quite sure:
- xorg-server has one outstanding serious bug, #508476: when
  xserver-xorg-video-fbdev is installed and you have no xorg.conf, X
  FatalErrors for no good reason.  Should this be a blocker?  Anything
- xorg has #516028, #527860, #524657; I don't think any of those should
  be blockers, what do others think.  Anything else?
- then there's the intel driver situation.  2.7.0 was pretty broken from
  what I understand, I have no idea where things stand in 2.7.1 or
  2.7.99.x.  There's one critical (!) bug filed against, which
  should probably be downgraded to grave or important.  Then there's 3
  grave bugs.  #523953 was filed against 2.6.3, then 2.7.0, has no data
  about 2.7.1.  #525231 was filed against 2.7.0, no info about 2.7.1.
  #526169 is a jidanni bug, but has at least one other affected user;
  seems a bit confused to me, might actually be a kernel bug, so would
  be nice to have updated info, with latest linux-2.6 and -intel.
  Any others that aren't filed as RC?
- any known major issues in other packages?


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