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Re: console-setup + X = broken console

David Nusinow wrote:
> Hi Adam,
> Adam Majer wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've just installed the console-setup because X server depends on it.
>> Now, my console is completely unusable. The text does not scroll it just
>> runs off the screen.
>> I'm writing to both maintainers because,
>>   1. Why, why, why is console-setup a dependency of X? X does not
>> function without console-setup? Is it possible to have X only Suggest or
>> Recommend console-setup?
> Please see http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/InputHotplugGuide for the
> rationale and #515214 for more info.

That is great, yet it does nothing for me except change fonts. I've read
the bug report, and it is just people complaining about Hal and
console-setup dependencies.

Frankly, I see no reason why console-tools and hal cannot be moved to
Recommends. I understand the reasoning behind the above link and agree
with it. But at same time defaults can be hardcoded to something like,
  keymap - US (or Linux default)
  mouse - standard /dev/input/mice device

Moving these packages to Recommends DOES NOT mean you need to support
input definitions in xorg.conf!

For testing purposes, I've removed console-tools inspite of the depends.
My system didn't explode - it just retained standard Linux console
fonts. The problem with cursor and scrolling was not corrected, which
probably indicates the core issue is in the nvidia binary driver. That
would be something that nVidia will have to address themselves.

My recommendations would be:

  1. fix console-setup to not change the font of the console by default.
Default options should not change boot font, please. Maybe have debconf
options as "[Boot font], Terminus, Fixed, VGA

  2. move hal and console-setup to xserver-xorg Recommends as others
have requested - X runs without these though you may deem most users
would benefit by installing these packages - the entire purpose of

Personally, I will keep both Hal and console-setup installed. I like
hal. Console-setup installation is more for debugging purposes for me.

Regarding console-setup, is there possibility of setting it in such a
configuration right now to not change Linux's default console fonts?
That is, it reads the current setup from Linux kernel without setting a
new configuration.

>> PS. I'm not on the list(s) - CC me in replies
> As requested.

Thank you,

- Adam

PS. For others that are wandering, xterm and all that work perfectly.

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